Family and Friends Promotion

Hello Friends and Family,

We know this is an anxious time for all of us.  There is so much “external noise” and uncertainty, I wonder when we will return to a “new” normal life.  In fact, for us living outside of Charlotte, NC, we had to boil our water on Thursday and Friday due to Ecoli in the water.   How crazy is this?  And to top it off, my wife and I spent our Saturday night/Sunday morning with our youngest daughter in the ER, who had an asthma attack from the early intense pollen, us in the South really love.  Needless to say, 2020 will be a "fun" ride for all of us!

With all of us being sequestered home for the next two weeks plus, we are asking for your small business support.  Like most small businesses, we are feeling the impact from our brick and mortar customers as well as our online business.  It is tough sledding right now and I am asking for your support.

So, we wanted to offer you an introduction opportunity on our Syona Home branded bed sheets from Delilah Home.  These sheets are amazing, 100% Organic Cotton, Fair Trade certified, and are made in the same factory as $250+ sheets.  If three US presidents can sleep on organic sheets, so can you!

I am offering the first 50 customer a incredible deal for $99.99 for a Queen set  using promotional code FFQueen120 and $99.99 for a King set using promotional code FFKing130.  AND, free shipping!!!!  This promotion is not being offered to the general public and is only offered to friends and family.  There is limited qualities available.  So, if you were ever thinking about changing your sheets, now is a great time.  These sheets are pretty awesome!

Queen Sale $219.99, Special $99.99 using promo code FFQueen120

King Sale $229.99, Special:  $99.99 using promo code FFKing130

Free Shipping

Offer Ends March 31st or while supplies last

Lastly, we hear the stories about hand sanitizers and disinfectants selling out.  One thing we have not heard about, what happens to us when we bring all the chemicals into our house?  Unfortunately, adding more chemicals to our daily lives will have a much longer impact on our health.  Detoxing your sheets (and towels) that touch your skin will have a positive impact on your health....and make you sleep better at night.

If you have any questions, please call me 704-287-1805 or email me at

Thank you for continuing to support your local small business!




Family and Friends Promotion
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