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Delilah Home rolls out recycled -and recyclable – beach towel

Delilah Home rolls out recycled -and recyclable – beach towel

Delilah Home Launches “Drytek by Delilah” Recycled Sport and Beach Towels

Delilah Home, a leading direct- to-consumer bath and home textiles company based in Weddington, NC, proudly announces the launch of their groundbreaking “Drytek by Delilah” beach towels. These towels are the first in their category to be made from 100% (Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified recycled polyester, contributing to environmental sustainability by reclaiming 25-60 plastic bottles per towel from being sent to landfills.

The Drytek by Delilah towels come in three sizes: 24-inch by 36-inch (perfect for activities such as pickleball or tennis), and 36-inch by 70-inch and 72-inch by 72-inch, which are great for the beach, picnics, or outdoor events. They come in three popular colors: navy, purple, and teal. They also have an integrated strap that keeps the towel rolled up/compact and can snap onto a hanging hook.Drytek by Delilah is launching on TV with Good Morning America, and online with The Grommet, Macys, Amazon, Etsy, and on June 20.

Michael Twer, CEO/Founder of Delilah Home, expressed enthusiasm about this milestone: "We are very excited to introduce our Drytek by Delilah towels crafted from 100% recycled polyester. Over two years in development, these towels not only perform exceptionally well in terms of being absorbant, quick drying, sand-resistant, and anti-microbialbut also offer a luxurious, silky soft hand feel. Unlike other recycled towels that can feel plasticky, our proprietary process ensures superior comfortand quality. while our use of low impact dye provide beautiful colors without hazardous inputs.

Highlighting the company's commitment to circularity, Twer emphasized, "Our towels are designed for multiple lifecycles. Through our”Take Back” pProgram, customers can return their Drytek by Delilah towels after a year to be repaired, donated, or recycled. This initiative underscores our mission to Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and Repeat!"

Delilah Home is renowned for its extensive range of sustainable textiles, including plush 100% organic cotton bath, kitchen, and beach towels, all certified to the stringent Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The company has garnered accolades such as Good Housekeeping's 2021 Best Bedding and recognition from the Wall Street Journal for their 100% organic hemp bedsheets.

About Delilah Home: Founded in 2019 in Charlotte, NC, Delilah Home is dedicated to bringing the highest quality organic and sustainable home textiles to homes across North America. Named after a resilient puppy who inspired their values of sustainability, impact, and community, Delilah Home partners with local and national charities, including Rotary International and Operation Warm. Images available upon request.

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