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environmentally friendly gift

8 Best Sustainable Christmas Gifts | Green Presents for Everyone

Looking for the perfect holiday gift that also gives back? Check out our list of the best sustainable Christmas gifts for shopping inspiration!

solar panels for sustainability

Top 10 Sustainability Trends for a Better Future in 2023

Looking to be more sustainable in 2023? The time in now! Check out our 8 sustainability trends for a better future in 2023.

the power of hemp

Unveiling the Power of Hemp: Beyond the Basics

At a time when sustainable living is more important than ever, the significance of making eco-friendly lifestyle choices cannot be overstated. It’s no secret that our planet is facing drastic chang...

eco friendly hemp material

Hemp: Pioneering Sustainable Fabric for the Homeware Industry

As the Founder of Delilah Home and the Chairman of the Organic Trade Association Fiber Council, I am excited to dive into a topic that holds important implications for both the homeware industry an...

cotton sheetsTips for Better Sleep- Sleep Like a Baby

Tips for Better Sleep- Sleep Better, Expert Advice

The importance of sleep can never be more emphasized. After a hectic and tiring day, why shouldn’t you dream of a cozy space that will be able to bear the weight of your tiredness? However, more of...

Cotton Towels: Unlocking the Secrets to Ultimate Luxury and Longevity

Cotton Towels: Unlocking the Secrets to Ultimate Luxury and Longevity

Buying cotton towels is easier, everyone can afford it. But not everyone can maintain them, Here is the proper guide to increase your towel Longevity. Find the Best way to roll, fold the towels