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Delilah Home is thrilled to announce our partnership with Operation Warm. From now through December 31st we will be donating 10% of our profits to this amazing non-profit.

Delilah Home give back



At the core of Delilah Home's mission, our goal has always been to give back to the community. In fact, our company was named after our puppy, who was lost in the Carolina mountains for 62 days, but through the love and support of our community, was brought back home. Seeing this incredible show of love from the people around us inspired us to find a way to give back.

From its start, Delilah Home has been more than just a home textile company. We strive to give back to the earth, its animals, and its people by using only the most sustainable products, including 100% organic cotton and organic hemp. Through the years, we've given back to a variety of hard-working nonprofits, and this year we're so excited to work with Operation Warm.

Operation Warm is a national nonprofit that has served over 4.5 million children in well over 1,300 communities in its 23 years of service. Their mission is to provide warmth, confidence, and hope through basic need programs that connect underserved children to community resources needed for them to thrive. The coats and shoes offer the bridge for families in need to access everything else needed, from flu shots to books.

"Delilah Home is excited about partnering with Operation Warm, particularly given the impending fall and winter seasons," said Michael Twer, CEO and Founder of Delilah Home. "Sustainability, Impact, and Community are the three fundamental pillars driving our efforts to give back to the community we serve. Having served with Mecklenburg South Rotary Club for the last two years, I have witnessed the power of Operation Warm with elementary children in the Charlotte area firsthand."


Delilah Home and Operation Warm


The tagline of 'more than a coat' encapsulates the mission of Operation Warm. Children need both physical and emotional warmth, and coats act as the bridge between the partners of the nonprofit and families in need of critical resources through a holistic approach. Shoes are the next step in the journey for the children supported by Operation Warm.

Delilah Home is the organic home textile company known for its plush range of bed linen, kitchen, beach, and bath towels. The advantage of their range, made up of 100% organic cotton or hemp, is that nothing contains any allergenic, carcinogenic, or toxic chemicals.

Organic towels and bedsheets are both safer and softer, having a luxurious feel. Super absorbent towels and plush sheets offer comfort, especially to those with allergies, skin sensitivity, and respiratory problems. Delilah Home is 100% vegan certified, and their towels meet the strict Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for luxurious pile and absorbency.

Additional accolades include numerous GOTS awards for both the hemp and cotton bed linen, Good Housekeeping's 2021 "Best Bedding" award, and was awarded the Wall Street Journal's recommendation in the "Worth the Splurge" section for the 100% organic bed sheets.

Besides this recent partnership with Operation Warm, Delilah Home was built on the principle of being a good steward in the community and nationally. It partners with several charities to meet these goals, supporting health, kids, the planet, pets, and includes Rotary International.

10% of all profits are donated, of which 1% is exclusively for efforts concerning the planet. Delila Home CEO, Michael Twer, is also the Chairman of the Organic Trade Association Fiber Council. The company only partners with fair-trade factories and supports its workers by paying above the national and local minimum wages.


Operation Warm partners with Delilah Home 

About Delilah Home

Delilah Home was founded in Charlotte, NC, in 2019 and aims to bring the highest quality organic and sustainable home textiles to homes across North America. The company is named after the owner’s scared puppy, Delilah, that survived a life-threatening ordeal in the Carolina mountains in 2018.

For 62 days, the puppy lived off the land as she weathered the extreme cold and blustery winds. Throughout her ordeal, an entire community rallied together for her safe return. The fundamental pillars of Delilah Homes – sustainability, impact, community, are built on and reflect her story.


About Operation Warm

Operation Warm is a national nonprofit that provides warmth, confidence, and hope through basic need programs that connect underserved children to community resources needed for them to thrive. Brand new coats and shoes offer the bridge for families in need to access everything else needed, from flu shots to books. Wish List sponsorship allows donors to help anything from one child to organizations like homeless shelters, foster care agencies, or people in urgent situations. You too can make a lasting impact on the lives of children: visit

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