How To Build a Blanket Fort: For Kids and Adults

How To Build a Blanket Fort: For Kids and Adults Delilah Home

If 2020 gave us anything to think about, it’s how we can make life at home a little more fun. We’re spending more time in our houses than ever before. It’s no surprise we’re all getting a little antsy. Having some fun, spontaneous activities up your sleeve for when you or your family get a bit restless is important. And there’s perhaps no activity that will bring out your inner child more than making a blanket fort.

Maybe you’re teaching your kids to make one for the first time (but secretly designing it with yourself in mind, too). Or you have a child-free home and just want to build an adult playground for the day. There’s no law against building an indoor fort for adults!

Read on to re-discover the joys of building a blanket fort for kids and adults, complete with some creative tips and ideas.


Blanket Fort Ideas

It’s a good idea to have a plan when making a fort - even if it’s just in your head. Styles of blanket forts are varied and can be adapt according to the space and resources you have available. You can build-up, break down and rebuild again as many times your heart desires. After all, that’s part of the fun.


best blanket forts


When you need a quick solution, this can be as simple as throwing a cover over a small structure. You can go easy, with a makeshift fort between two sofas or under a table.

Another option is to take over a corner of a room, making use of hooks in walls, furniture, or even windows to enhance the features.

Do you have a big room to explore? Set up a camping tent in the center of the room. Or maybe hang some blankets and sheets across the ceiling. It’s a whole room fort!


Building a Fort: What You Need

Did you know that the biggest blanket fort ever built had an area of more than 6700 feet? If you’re going for that, you’ll need a lot of supplies. But whether you’re building that mini-mansion or a small hideaway for your kiddo, the nature of your supplies remain largely the same.

Blankets and sheets: Blankets and sheets are the key ingredients to a good fort! The better the material, the better and healthier the fort. The Delilah Home 100% organic cotton bed sheet, for example, makes the fort not only functional but also pesticide and toxin-free. This is especially important for kids and adults who suffer from allergies.

Bath Towels: The floor is a sometimes overlooked aspect of a blanket fort. But bath towels make for a good soft surface. Again organic bath towels will be best for young children.

Mattresses, pillows, and cushions: Comfort is key. Especially if you plan to spend some time here. Many a young fort builder has decided to stay overnight.


how to build a fort out of blankets and pillows


Clothespins, tape, string, or twine: These are useful for connecting sheets and blankets, and temporarily attaching them to other items.

Whatever else can fit: The rest is up to you, essentially. If you need a chair, get a chair, if you need a lamp, use a lamp. Don’t forget the cat or the dog! (for inspiration see the meme Dogfort)  They’ll never forgive you if you forget to bring a pet bed. The possibilities are limitless.

If it doesn’t seem to work, break it down, start again and make it better. That’s the best part of making a cool blanket fort.


Some Advanced Tips on How to Build a Fort

Not all forts are made equal. If you feel like you’ve got the skills to uplevel your fort game, it pays to apply advanced fort-building knowledge. Here are a few advanced tips for your fort building strategies. Warning: Advanced fort builders only!


how to build a fort out of blankets and pillows


Survey the Terrain

Space is important. It will ultimately determine how much you can do with your blanket fort project. So look for an area in your home with enough materials to use, and enough space to maneuver.

Feel free to move things around to get your desired site. Why not incorporate the dresser or TV stand, for example?


Apply Science

If you want your fort to stay up for longer than the average toddler’s attention span, you’re going to need to apply some basic science. Weight blanket edges down to create tension in the middle. Apply counterbalance to keep things upright.

Also, use lighter materials for the roof, and hang heavier blankets for walls. The best ceiling suspension comes from a clothesline strung across the room. That’s our pro tip from experience.


Don’t be Afraid to Take Over

It’s your fort, and your time to have fun, so declare the space yours with a flag and take over the room. Decorate and beautify it. Incorporate decorative lighting. Steal the pot plant from the living room. Go nuts.


Time to Start Making Your Blanket Fort

The best tip that anyone can offer when it comes to building blanket forts is to have fun with it. Your imagination can provide unparalleled fun for yourself, your kids and/or your pets. In these difficult times, it’s wonderful to know that there’s a lot of fun yet to be had in exploring your own home.

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