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Tips for Better Sleep- Sleep Better, Expert Advice

Tips for Better Sleep- Sleep Better, Expert Advice

The importance of sleep can never be more emphasized. After a hectic and tiring day, why shouldn’t you dream of a cozy space that will be able to bear the weight of your tiredness? However, more often than not, you end up sleeping in such sheets which have a mild uneasiness that renders you sleepless.

The maximum capacity to relax is achieved by what is done before you get into your cotton sheets. As you loosen yourself, into a comfortable posture, you trust your surroundings and rely on it to take a break. But there may be times when you wake-up tired or are not able to sleep properly for the whole night.

To make yourself fall asleep better follow these tips and wake up fresher than ever. Here we get you some comforting things you can do before bed, so your sleep cycle is rejuvenated and you are re-energized.

7 Tips For Getting Better Sleep

Make Pre-sleep Routine

Start by following a pre-sleep routine that eases your mind and lets you relax. You can go for skincare, reading, journaling, art, or even family time. Anything that brings you peace and takes you away from your busy schedule.

Make Your Bedding Comfortable

Create a comfortable relaxing space or corner that allows you to be yourself. A beautiful room filled with warmth, cozy hues and textures. A place that makes you want to stay and embrace the softness of your sheets.

Disconnect all Devices and Gadgets

Make sure all your gadgets are out of comfortable reach. You must be tempted to scroll on your smartphone/tablet for just 5 minutes before sleeping, but we all know that it won’t be long till you have wasted an hour. Hence, avoid it completely, as the blue light received by these devices disrupt your ability to fall asleep.

Clear Your Mind

Clear your mind before sleep by practicing some forms of meditation. Being in the moment, breath work, sensation observing, breath focus and similar styles. Something that you connect to is what you should aim for. Some people also prefer light stretching or light physical activity before sleep. As it is said to relax the muscles and make your body aware that it is time to rest.

Eat Early Dinner or Light Dinner

Have a light dinner or an early dinner, approximately 3 hours before sleep. As you do not want your stomach to be strained and focused on digestion of food while you try to sleep. This will cause both uneasiness and difficulty in sleeping.

Adjust Room Temperature

Set the temperature of your bedroom to be cooler than your body temperature, as it makes your body more comfortable while settling in bed. You might need sheets, but it will make your overall experience better.

Get Comfortable Bedding

Once all of this is done, you are left to your comfort zone, between the bedding and sheets. Good quality pillows, bedding and sheets tend to aid a better quality of sleep. The fabric and texture of the sheets can be a stimulant to skin. People prefer different textures for their own sake. The most ideal material would be cotton. This material tends to be hypoallergenic and also safe for the environment. A reliable source of cotton needs to be ensured when choosing the right fabric for better sleep.

Final Words

Which tip works for you best is up to personal preference. Some might prefer music over meditation while others might just need to change their bedding and the next thing you know they won’t have any issue sleeping. To sleep like a baby, effortlessly all you have to do is check which pre-sleep routine works for you best.

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