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Contact: Michael Twer


Delilah Home Launches US’s Most Extensive Hemp Bed Sheets Collection

New Charlotte, NC-based company offers hemp sheets as well organic cotton sheets and towels certified to the Global Organic Cotton Standard (GOTS)

Charlotte, NC (November 22, 2019) – Charlotte, NC-based home textiles company Delilah Home launched today, becoming the first US brand to offer an extensive collection of 100 percent hemp sheets. The company also offers organic cotton towels and sheet sets certified to the stringent Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). All products are available at, and Delilah Home.  

The common perception of hemp is that it’s the scratchy fiber used in rope and the like for millennia. However, a non-toxic process is used with the Delilah Home hemp sheets and duvet covers to soften them to a pleasing linen-line texture. In addition, hemp is highly absorbent, antimicrobial and long-lasting – perfect for the sustainable home.

The plush organic cotton towels have a pile that it luxurious to the touch and absorbs water easily. They are available in sizes ranging from hand towels to bath sheets. The silky soft 300 thread count sheets and duvet covers also are made of 100 percent organic cotton. All the sheets and towels come in white, sand, mineral green, and light gray.

“Delilah Home’s goal is to create an organic safe haven in your home,” says Delilah Home CEO Michael Twer. “We are excited to be the first company in the U.S. to offer such a deep collection of beautiful and luxurious hemp and organic cotton products for the home.”

The interest in - and demand for - organic fiber products is only growing. Organic fiber sales in the U.S. reached another record in 2018, hitting $1.8 billion and posting a 15 percent increase from 2017, according to the Organic Trade Association’s 2019 Organic Industry Survey. The organic fiber and textiles category continues to rank as the largest non-food organic category in the overall $52.5 billion U.S. market.

About Delilah Home ( Delilah Home was founded in Charlotte, NC, in 2019 to bring the highest quality organic and sustainable home textiles to North America’s homes. The company was named after the owner’s scared puppy that survived a life-threatening ordeal in the Carolina mountains in 2019. She weathered extreme cold temperatures and record winds by living off the land for 62 days. Around her, an entire community rallied for her return. Her story reflects the fundamental pillars of Delilah Home - sustainability, impact, community. Delilah Home believes in being a good steward and partners with local and national charities including 1% for the Planet, Beds for Kids, and PETA).