Why The Best Cooling Sheets are Made of Hemp

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Twenty years ago you might have associated hemp as a hippy, new age alternative to “normal” fabrics, but for centuries hemp haas been a trusted staple in the production of clothing, textiles and so much more. In fact, the first American flag sewn by Betsy Ross was made of the strongest fabric available, hemp! These days, hemp is one of the most sustainable fabrics we have available. Hemp is not only tougher as a material (four times stronger than cotton), but it actually becomes softer and more durable over time.

But the advantages of hemp don’t just stop at the environment. Hemp is becoming more popular for home goods, including bedding. Our 100% organic hemp sheets, for example, are a safer alternative than standard cotton sheets because they are free of any harmful toxins and chemicals. They also look and feel just as luxurious as any high thread count sheets you’ll find.

One of the lesser known advantages of hemp bed sheets is their ability to keep you cool while you sleep. It’s been proven that staying cool at night leads to a more restful sleep. After all, who wants to wake up feeling overheated and sweaty? Didn’t think so! Here’s why the best cooling sheets are made of hemp.


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Hemp Sheets Are More Breathable

While many people think of cotton as the most breathable fabric, the physical makeup of hemp fabric actually makes it far more breathable. The interwoven hemp fibers allow more air to pass through the material. Hemp sheets are also much more porous than cotton, which allows your body to breathe better at night. When your body breathes better, your quality of sleep improves and can even help fight insomnia.

Hemp’s porous fibers also mean it's naturally antibacterial and anti-odor. So even if you bundle yourself under a mountain of blankets, you can be sure your hemp sheets will stay smelling fresh. It reduces the build up of bacteria and odors under the covers and allows your body more fresh air as you sleep.

The more your body can breathe, the more your body can regulate its core temperature and spend less energy trying to heat or cool itself throughout the night. After all, that’s when your body should be resting!


Hemp Sheets are More Absorbent

Hemp is also more absorbent than cotton and other materials. Hemp fabric can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in water before it starts to feel damp, compared to polyester which sucks in water and feels wet at about 6% of its body weight.

The more absorbent material of hemp allows the fabric to take in any moisture from your body or in the air while you sleep. If you’re a hot sleeper and sweat in the night, hemp sheets will absorb that sweat and keep you dry and more comfortable.


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Why Is Hemp Cooling

Because hemp sheets are more breathable and absorbent, they create a cooler atmosphere while you sleep. You’ll be less inclined to sweat under hemp sheets because of the increased air flow. No more waking up sweaty and dehydrated!

Hemp’s absorbency also means the air inside your sheets is free from moisture, which allows your body to regulate its own temperature more effectively.


Hemp Sheets: Other Bonuses

Aside from being more durable, breathable and absorbent than cotton, hemp also has many environmental advantages over traditional bedding materials.

For one, hemp production uses a lot less water than regular cotton. Hemp only uses about 5% of the amount of water it takes to grow regular cotton. Requiring less water means hemp is a more sustainable option in countries that are affected by drought.


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Hemp is also kinder to the soil it’s grown in, allowing it to grow for over twenty years without the nutrients in the soil being depleted. Each year hemp can yield successive crops that use less water and take less out of the land than regular cotton.

The hemp crop also helps with soil erosion because of the deep root system that binds the topsoil soil together and holds it in place. Overall, hemp is a much more sustainable fabric choice than cotton.

Whether you’re buying hemp for its cooling properties, its sustainability, or you just love the look and feel, hemp is an excellent choice for sheets. The breathability and absorbency make hemp a clear winner of the best cooling sheets, and their low impact on the environment make them an ethical purchase you can feel proud of.

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