What Is Organic Cotton and Why Does It Matter?

What Is Organic Cotton and Why Does It Matter?


For the past decade organic has become an increasingly important feature of healthy living. We’ve learned about the toxic chemicals used in fruits and veggies, and we do our best to balance choosing organic with our shopping budget. But organic extends far past the produce section of the grocery store. What we choose to put in our bodies is incredibly important, but equally important are the items we surround ourselves with.

Organic homeware products often get overlooked, but are slowly starting to make their mark in the organic world. Bedding, for example, is one product that can make a huge difference when we choose organic. After all, our skin is our largest organ and we spend a third of our life sleeping, so it makes sense that the sheets we snuggle up in at night would have an effect on our health. Similarly, the fabric in our bath towels can have an effect on our health as well. That’s why Delilah Home is committed to only using 100% organic cotton sheets and bath towels.


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Organic Cotton 101

Cotton is one of the most commonly grown crops in the world. But the way it is currently grown can be extremely damaging to both the environment and your personal health because of the excessive use of chemicals.

Organic cotton, put simply, is cotton grown without the use of harmful chemicals like toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Because organic cotton doesn’t use these toxic chemicals, it’s a much safer choice for the environment and farmers, as well as for you and your family. Here’s a few reasons organic cotton is the best choice.


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Organic Cotton Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

It’s no secret that organic is better for the environment. And the same is true for organic cotton. Conventional cotton (also known as chemical cotton) uses about 16% of the world’s insecticides. The harmful chemicals used in the production of cotton have a lasting impact on the earth’s air, water and soil. Pesticides also seep into the ground during production, leading to an over-fertilization of soil and acidification of the land and water.

Organic cotton not only prevents these harmful chemicals from entering the ground, but it is 88% more water efficient than chemical cotton. Prioritizing organic cotton products helps reduce the environmental impact of chemical cotton and ultimately leads to a happier and healthier Earth.


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Organic Cotton Is Kinder For The World

Not only are these toxic chemicals destructive to the environment, but they are also incredibly harmful to the health of cotton farmers. In developing countries, where much of this chemical cotton is produced, there are fewer regulations in place to protect the health of these farmers.

Non-organic cotton is having a devastating impact on the communities that produce our clothes, bedding and other fabric products, as farmers are handling and breathing in harmful chemicals on a daily basis.

Organic cotton, on the other hand, eliminates these nasty chemicals that have such a damaging health effect on their growers. At Delilah Home our cotton is not only organic, but it is also fair trade. Just as our families deserve the right to feel safe and chemical free, so do the farmers working hard to produce our bedding and towels.


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Organic Cotton Is Healthier For You And Your Family

Everyone wants to feel comfortable with the products they’re bringing into their house. Unfortunately, even after production, chemical cotton continues to have negative effects when you bring it home. The toxic chemicals in textiles can leave residuals that can rub off onto our skin. In some cases these chemicals have been known to trigger health problems and cause illness in adults, as well as developmental problems in children.

As we learn more about the pesticides and other chemicals that are used in growing crops, it becomes more apparent that what we eat and put on our bodies has an affect on our health. That’s why consumers are choosing to fill their homes with organic products that they know will be safe for themselves and their family.


How Can We Know Which Cotton Is Organic?

Unfortunately as more consumers learn about the advantages of organic, more companies are participating in what is called ‘greenwashing.’ Greenwashing is the deceptive marketing ploy of pretending to be eco-friendly to sell more products, but not adapting environmental practices behind the scenes.

Luckily, you can easily find out whether a company is truly organic. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a certification given to products that are 100% organic. That means that no harmful chemicals touch the cotton while being grown or manufactured. If a product is GOTS certified you can rest assured that your cotton is truly organic.

Even better, GOTS certified fabric ensures that certain measures are in place to protect worker safety and rights, such as prohibiting child and slave labor.

Of course, all our bedding and towels at Delilah Home are GOTS certified, as we’re committed to making sure you feel safe and comfortable in your home with the best organic fabrics.

Now that you know a bit more about the benefits and advantages of organic cotton it’s time to check out our organic cotton sheets and organic cotton towel products!

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