6 Best West Coast Beach Destinations | Pacific Coast Vacations

6 Best West Coast Beach Destinations | Pacific Coast Vacations

A trip to the West Coast is a no-brainer. The refreshing salty air and barefoot walks on the best west side beaches in the USA is the perfect getaway for ocean lovers (or anyone for that matter).

From the rugged coastlines of Washington and Oregon to the sparkling beaches of California, you’ll be treated to diverse landscapes along the shores of each destination. And although the water may be cooler on this side of the ocean, there is nothing quite like a rejuvenating dip in the sea.

You’re going to want to visit all of the spots below, so why not take some time and make a road trip out of it? Before you head out, check out this beach packing list to ensure you have everything you need for your oceanfront adventure.


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Best West Coast Beaches

Whether you’ve already planned your trip or are currently making a list, here are some of the best beaches on the West Coast that you simply cannot miss.

From unique sea glass shorelines to interesting coves and majestic cliffs. Add these to your list of top beaches to visit to avoid any FOMO.


La Jolla Cove, California

A visit to this local gem promises crystal clear waters and exquisite sunsets. And on most occasions, entertainment from the spirited sea lions and seals that inhabit the area.

Relax on your organic cotton beach towel while you listen to the waves crash before you and take in the majestic towering cliffs that form the cove. You can also explore the abundant marine life by swimming, snorkeling, or kayaking in and around the cove.


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This stunning place can get pretty busy, which is no surprise. So, arrive early and snag a good spot to enjoy your day on this beautiful beach.


Rialto Beach, Washington

This is more of a whimsical seaside experience. The massive sea stacks found just off the rocky shores as well as the giant driftwood logs on the sand make Rialto a unique beach adventure.


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There are loads of coves to explore here. On the way to the beach, keep an eye out for the whales, otters, and seals that are frequently spotted in these Pacific waters.


Glass Beach, Fort Bragg

The iconic shore of this beach is covered in sea glass and it’s something to marvel at. In the early 1900s, this beach site was a glass dump. In the mid-1900s, the site was closed down and clean-up projects kicked into motion.

Over the years, the harsh crashing waves wore down the glass, creating exquisite colored sea glass across the shoreline and giving the beach its unique name. The place is a true reflection of beauty arising from a situation you least expect it to.


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West Coast Beach Vacations

If you’re looking for one spot to stay at for your West Coast beach vacation, you’re in the right place. Look forward to a getaway characterized by warm days and ocean swims in these quaint seaside towns.

Okay, so now that you’re dreaming of long days basking in the sun on a pacific coast beach, let’s dive straight into the best West Coast beach towns for a vacation.


Cannon Beach, Oregon

This trendy seaside resort town is the perfect destination for a family vacation, couples retreat or a soulful solo adventure. With plenty of accommodation dotted along the oceanfront as well as fantastic restaurants, galleries, and boutiques, you’ll fall in love with this charming small town.

You can typically walk to the iconic Haystack Rock during low tide, an indigenous rock standing 235 feet tall just off the shoreline. Spend the rest of your day soaking up the sun on the long sandy shore.


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Avalon, California

You might mistake this hidden gem for a Mediterranean beach village because of its colorful houses perched on a hill facing the harbor. However, you can find this charming beach town on Santa Catalina Island, making for a wonderful West Coast Island vacation.

This small beach town encapsulates character and tranquility. It’s so small that the locals get around on golf carts and it’s possible to get to anywhere you want to be in Avalon on foot. This is a great way to explore the fabulous restaurants found around town.


Yachats, Oregon

If you thought Avalon was small, Yachats has a population of only 600 people, guaranteeing a peaceful retreat. Although a small seaside town, you’ll find a lighthouse and a covered bridge along the shore.

As you roam the pebbled beaches and explore the quaint town, you’ll fall in love with the relaxed and easygoing atmosphere. Yachats is truly a haven for those looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This spot is one of Oregon’s best-kept secrets and shouldn’t be missed!


Discovering West Coast Oceans

Exploring the wonders of the beaches along the West Coast should be on everyone’s bucket list, for both locals and tourists. From unique sea glass shores to gorgeous beach spots where you can spend long days basking in the sun, a trip to a West Coast beach is a must.

So pack your towels, beach hats, and swimwear, and you’re all set for your beach getaway. If this post has inspired the travel bug in you, check out these unique places to sleep around the world for your next trip.

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