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We are living in a time where the focus on sustainability has been thrust into the spotlight. A push to use plastic-free solutions, sustainable materials and reclaimed items to redecorate your home has been happening. With this shift in perspective to save the world for future generations, eco kitchens are the best place to start in your redesign.

If you are planning a green kitchen remodel, here are a few eco-friendly kitchen ideas that will help you plan a sustainable kitchen design. To go along with this change to your kitchen, why not have a look at how to make your house greener for more eco-friendly home ideas and inspiration?


Sustainable Kitchens - What Can You Change?

You don’t have to do any drastic changes to start with, start small and work your way to larger changes. Here are just a few ideas to make a more environmentally friendly kitchen.


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Use Natural Fabrics

If you want to change the look of your kitchen with some green kitchen decorating ideas then this is the place to start. One of the simplest and easiest of ideas is to use natural fabrics in the kitchen. Even though these natural sources are still man-made or manufactured, they are kinder to the environment than man-made fabrics that are manufactured with chemicals.

A good first step would be these 100% cotton organic kitchen towels by Delilah Home. They will add a clean aesthetic to your friendly kitchen. These will take you on the start of your eco kitchen journey without breaking the bank.


green kitchen decorating ideas


Choose Gas Over Electricity

If you are going for a complete overhaul for one of the most efficient kitchens then switching to a gas cooktop should be a top priority. These not only provide better temperature control, as any amateur cook will tell you, but they are kinder to the environment.

Any eco-friendly kitchen is not complete without using gas as it uses less energy to heat up. Natural gas is also cleaner and produces less carbon pollution than the electricity that is produced to power electric stove tops.


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Use Recycled Items Instead of Manufactured

A recycled kitchen is a sustainable kitchen. Instead of installing a permanent center island, why not purchase an old item instead? Repurpose an old workbench, trolley or other large table that can be used instead of purchasing new items.

An old wooden bench is more environmentally friendly with the recycling of materials and reducing the number of objects sent to a landfill. It also leaves less of a carbon footprint by using manufactured recycled materials in comparison to the energy needed to manufacture virgin materials.


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Use Sustainable Materials if You Must Use Manufactured Ones

If up-cycling isn’t for you and you want to start with something clean then purchasing sustainable materials is the way to go. If you are opting for a sustainable cabinet material, bamboo is a sustainable resource due to its fast growth and also has a stylish look. You can use bamboo for cutting boards, back splashes and even flooring.

To go along with the modern concrete trend, why not opt for a resin option that resembles concrete? Not only will it give a different look and feel but the enormous amounts of water and chemicals that are needed to produce cement won’t be used. Why not make an eco-friendly kitchen sink out of resin instead of porcelain?


Light Your Life With LEDs

Another simple but effective change is to switch all of your lightbulbs over to LEDs. These will brighten your life with their higher lumen output while being more efficient while doing so. LEDs and other bulb types such as Fluorescent bulbs will cut energy uses by up to 50% but also try to make use of as much natural light as possible.

The costs of LED bulbs have also drastically reduced in recent years and will last longer than traditional filament bulbs.


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Swap Plastic for Green Kitchen Canister Sets

Instead of those stainable plastic canisters that lose their life over time, opt for glass storage jars instead. The benefit of glass is that it doesn’t stain the same as plastic does and is more easily recycled than plastic is. Add in bamboo lids and there is the perfect combination of sustainability and practicality.

These jars add the minimalist style to your kitchen and you will be extra happy being able to see inside the jars without opening them. If you want to cut out more plastic in other areas, have a look at these eco-friendly bathroom ideas for some guidance.


Green Kitchen Aesthetic - More Than Just an Aesthetic

These are just some of the ways to create a more sustainable kitchen. Not only will these changes be kinder to the environment, they have the added benefit of bringing a modern style to your kitchen. Why not embrace the future and save it for the next generations with some of these helpful tips?

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