Delilah Home Partners with Love to Sew

Delilah Home Partners with Love to Sew Delilah Home

Happy Earth Day 2020!  As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we find ourselves in an unprecedented time during this Covid-19 pandemic.  Many of us are experiencing bouts of health struggles, emotional concerns and personal isolation, but as Mr. Rogers taught us, we want to "look for the helpers" and acknowledge all they are doing on the front lines to keep us safe!


We at Delilah Home didn't have to look far to find a unique way to do something special for them.  A loyal customer actually reached out to us and asked if we might have any material we could donate so that she and her group could make masks.  Unfortunately, we didn't have extra scraps lying around, so we decided to do something even better -- send our new friend, Janet, a box filled with sheets that included the fabric bags we package them in.  Little did we realize, Janet and her amazing team would be able to make several hundred masks from the Delilah Home sheets.  We were blown away!  Sustainability, Impact and Community are the pillars of our company and we were able to give back to those who are serving us around the clock right now.  Here is our story that began just last Friday, April 17th:


I’ve been sewing face masks. A lot of masks. I am part of a team organized through a local sewing studio, Love to Sew in southern Chester county, PA (owned by Judi Haris). We’re sewing for local hospitals, care facilities, police, and even veterinarians. All those folks on the front lines. I joked with my father the other day that I was eying my own linen closet to get plain fabric for the linings of masks, or for the police who preferred plain masks. One thing led to another, and he connected me to Delilah Home, a producer of fantastic organic sheets and towels who very kindly donated fabric to the cause...actually, sheets, duvet covers and bags, but hey, I have scissors!! A big Shout Out to Michael Twer of Delilah Home for a very generous donation!! Please Share, and let’s have some appreciation for Delilah Home!#flattenthecurve #delilahhome #delilahhomeliving

They have a Gofund me page if you would like to donate anything towards more supplies.


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