Eco-Friendly Bathroom Ideas | 6 Sustainable Ways to Go Green

eco-friendly bathrooms

Working towards a sustainable home and life is a never-ending journey that sometimes has you feeling like you’re walking without moving. There are so many changes you can make in your life, brands to support, and home adaptations to make… but do they really help?


eco friendly bathrooms


Yes, all these lifestyle changes — even the smallest ones — matter. So, while you’re fighting the good fight, why not turn your attention to your bathroom?

Is your bathroom routine a 5-minute shower using 3-in-one products? Or a luxurious process with plenty of products and pampering? Either way, there are a couple of eco-friendly bathroom ideas that you can incorporate into your home to support sustainability and think green.


Zero-Waste Bathroom Toiletries

An environmentally clean bathroom doesn’t require a whole remodel and tons of work. You can work towards sustainability simply by re-evaluating your toiletry choices. Opt for zero-waste, sustainable and biodegradable toiletries.


biodegradable toiletries


Swap out your single-use plastic bottles with reusable containers for all of your products, consider using shampoo and conditioner bars, and purchasing a bamboo toothbrush. There’s a sustainable and zero-waste option for every product that sits in your bathroom, so the next time you need to replace some of your toiletries, think green.


Sustainable Organic Cotton Bathroom Towels

Delilah Home’s 100% organic bath towels are not only luxurious and soft, but they’re the perfect purchase for eco-friendly bathrooms, too. Organic farming and agricultural systems have up to 66% less CO2 emissions than conventional farming systems.


green bathroom


These plush towels are made from 100% organic Turkish cotton certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). What’s more, organic cotton is durable and lasts for a long time, so you won’t have to buy new towels for years to come — reducing your waste and making your bathroom more sustainable.


Eco-Friendly Bathroom Flooring

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom or replace the flooring, then why not choose an eco-friendly tile? These days you can find tiles made from recycled materials in almost every design, style, pattern, and color that you can think of.

Other than recycled tiles, there are tiles produced from sustainable materials ranging from bamboo and cork to eco-friendly concrete, vegetable ivory, and even reclaimed wood. These tiles are fantastic for a green bathroom and they provide a unique, eclectic aesthetic, too.


Choose an Eco-Friendly Shower

It’s no secret that showering is a more sustainable option compared to bathing. Of course, if you’re taking overly long showers and using a regular shower head, then it’s just as unsustainable as the 36-gallon bath.

So, how do you switch to sustainable showers? First of all, you can cut down your shower time or turn the water lower while you wash your hair, for example. However, if you want to take it from zero to sustainable-shower-hero, opt for a water-saving shower head.


eco-friendly showers


These nifty low-flow shower heads come in two models. An aerating shower head uses water and air to create a misty spray. The laminar-flow shower head uses individual streams of water. Both of these options help to reduce water use which means you can have those 10-minute guilt-free showers.

If you miss the luxurious and relaxing effects of soaking in a bath but are committed to the environment, then consider purchasing a steam shower. It’s soothing and relaxing, yet uses only 2 gallons of water in 15 minutes!


Eco-Friendly Bathroom Sinks

You are no doubt the eco-warrior that never leaves the tap running while you brush your teeth. But you can take your water-saving initiatives to the next level by installing low-flow water faucets, similar to the shower heads mentioned above.

There are amazing faucets on the market that can reduce water consumption by up to 30% — and you won’t even notice the difference!


Environmentally Friendly Toilet

Before you start fretting about having to rip out your current toilet to go green, why not start with sustainable toilet paper? Toilet paper is a necessity and you probably go through a couple of rolls a week. Next time you purchase toilet paper, look for a brand that uses responsibly sourced materials, or even tree-free bamboo.

When you’re ready to take your sustainable bathroom to the next level, consider a low-flow toilet to save water with every flush.


bathroom materials


Make Small Changes Today Towards an Eco Bathroom

It might seem overwhelming when you consider all the ways your bathroom could be more sustainable. The most important thing is to start. Begin with the simple changes that you can implement today — such as purchasing sustainable toiletries and towels.

When you need to replace something in your bathroom, think about how you can choose a greener option. You can slowly work towards eco-friendly bathroom building materials, a sustainable toilet, shower heads, and more.

A completely eco-friendly bathroom and household won’t happen overnight, but every step you take towards sustainability is an important one.

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