Sustainable Father’s Day Gifts for Dad | Go Green This Year

Sustainable Father’s Day Gifts for Dad | Go Green This Year

Father’s Day is almost upon us. If you’re scrambling for incredible Father’s Day gift ideas, then why not do things a little differently this year?

From eco-friendly Valentine’s gifts to sustainable presents under the Christmas tree, the green gifting trend is hitting Father’s Day this year — get on board!

Perhaps your dad is already a green man, committed to the environment. Or maybe he needs a little nudge in the right direction. Either way, he’ll love these green gift ideas.


green Father's Day gift


Stainless Steel Tumbler

Reusable coffee cups have been trending for quite some time now and make for an amazing green father's day gift. The awesome thing about stainless steel tumblers, though, is that they’re not only great for hot drinks but cold ones, too.

If your dad loves grabbing a takeaway coffee in the morning on the way to work, then he definitely needs one of these. And the next time you go on a family picnic (perhaps on Father’s Day?), his tumbler will come in handy for keeping his drink of choice nice and cold.


sustainable Father's Day gifts


There are plenty of amazing styles, designs, and colors to choose from. So, you can pick the one that best suits your dad’s preferences and needs. Fantastic gift idea? Check. Thousands of single-use cups that will never enter a landfill? Check, and check.


Plant a Tree for Him

This is a really unique Father’s Day gift — especially for the dads who have everything they want and are so difficult to buy for. What better way to honor your dad and the Earth than by planting a tree? It’s one of the best gifts for environmentally conscious people and so thoughtful, too. 

There are plenty of nonprofit organizations, such as The Trees Remember, that will plant a celebration tree on your behalf. When you purchase a tree for someone, you’ll receive a beautiful card that you can give to your dad that tells him all about his tree and where it is planted.


plant a tree for dad


Some organizations even have the option of choosing the type of tree (a native one, of course). So, if your dad loves the outdoors and has a favorite tree, then why not plant one for him?


Solar-Powered Portable Charger

These days everyone carries around a portable charger just in case one of their many electronics runs out of juice. It’s such a nifty little device. The only thing that makes it better is when it’s powered by the sun.

Your dad will love having a portable solar charger that is completely green and sustainable yet super functional. He can take it with him everywhere, whether he enjoys heading out on camping trips or simply needs a charger in the car.


Delilah Home Organic Cotton Bath Towel

Dads deserve a bit of pampering, too. A plush, luxurious (and large enough) towel is a fantastic father’s day gift that’s sustainable, too. Delilah Home bath towels are made of 100% organic cotton, certified to the Global Organic Textile Standards.


organic bath towels


These towels are oh-so-soft, your dad will feel like a king every time bath time rolls around. The best part, you ask? These towels will last for years, so it really is a gift that keeps on giving, without taking from the environment.


Bamboo Lunchbox

If your dad loves taking leftovers to work then he needs a too-cool-for-school stackable, bamboo lunchbox. It’s free from nasty chemicals and super sustainable, so it’s a fantastic go-green gift idea. Not only can he ditch the single-use containers or plastic lunch boxes that he’s been using, but bamboo is also an eco-friendly resource.

Reusable plastic containers will still end up as garbage one day, which is why a bamboo option is so much better. Eco-friendly bamboo lunchboxes are also very stylish and come in a range of shapes and sizes — you’re sure to find one that your dad loves.


Eco-Friendly Shaving Kit

Turn your dad’s grooming sessions into a zero-waste shaving affair with a sustainable shaving kit. First off, hook him up with an eco-friendly razor that doesn’t contain any plastic, such as a zinc and stainless steel razor that only requires a blade change rather than the entire head.


eco-friendly shaving for dad


Next, add an organic shaving soap bar that is cruelty- and plastic-free. Finish off the kit with a natural and organic aftershave oil. Pop all of it into a hemp material drawstring bag and voila!

Of course, you can also look at purchasing a ready-made sustainable shaving kit.


Which of These Green Gift Ideas is Your Dad Receiving This Year?

These environmentally friendly gift ideas for dads are thoughtful, unique, useful, and sustainable. What’s not to love? Rather than getting caught up in the over-consumption trends that plague special holidays, go green this year. Your dad and the environment will love you for it.

Remember to get creative with wrapping gifts too. Ditch the single-use paper for recycled and crafty options such as newspaper or brown paper.

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