Last Minute Eco-friendly Gifts For The Holidays

Last Minute Eco-friendly Gifts For The Holidays

Is it just us or is the end of this year just flying by? With all the craziness of 2020, holiday shopping has been the last thing on our minds for many of us. But despite the challenges this year has brought us, (and continues to bring us!), there’s something really heartwarming about picking out that special gift for your loved ones. Something you know they’ll cherish and will hopefully bring them a kernel of joy heading into next year. Something that lets them know you’re thinking about them.

But as the clock ticks down to the new year, we’re quickly running out of shopping days before the holidays are over. And the last thing we want to do is head to a department store and throw a bunch of crap into our cart hoping that sizes will fit, and knowing in the back of our head that items needed to be returned will probably just end up thrown in the closet to be forgotten about.


sustainable gifts for holidays


Not only is this last minute rush stressful, but it can be incredibly wasteful as well. Did you know Americans throw away 25% more trash during the Thanksgiving to New Year period? Yikes! But we have the opportunity to be environmentally friendly with our holiday shopping by giving eco-friendly presents. Here are some last minute eco-friendly gift ideas for the holidays.


Delilah Home Hemp Bed Sheets

Give the gift of a good night sleep! Our hemp bed sheets and duvet sets are the first and only 100% organic GOTS certified hemp bedding on the market. Hemp is a far more sustainable fabric than conventional cotton. Plus our hemp sheets are temperature regulating so you’ll stay cool all night long. These truly make the perfect gift.


eco-friendly bed sheets gift


Goodies from The Plastic Free Pursuit

Who doesn’t love a little self care day? Buy your friend or family member some bath and body goodies to pamper themselves with. Even better? These gifts are all packaged plastic free!


Kiva Donation

Donations are always a great eco-friendly option for last minute gifts, but they can tend to a feel a bit impersonal at times. To make things a bit more personal and fun for your giftee, give your donation in the form of a KIVA loan. Not only can they choose the project that the donation is supporting, but when the loan is paid back, they can continue to lend the money to projects all over the world.


Kiva donation gift


Bee’s Wrap

For your friend who is trying to go plastic free in 2021, this bee’s wax wrap is perfect for eco-friendly food storage. Plus you can feel great shopping from Bee’s Wrap, a sustainable B corp!


Swell Bottle

Give the gift of a cooled (or warm!) drink with a Swell bottle. These nifty insulated metal bottles keep your beverage at the exact temperature you want. Plus you’re giving the gift of sustainability when you’re loved one no longer needs to use plastic water bottles!


Delilah Home Pet Bed

Who says humans should be the only ones getting treated over the holidays? Your pup (or kitty!) will love our ultra plush pillow pet bed. Made from the highest quality organic cotton and PET-recycled bottles, this bed is not only luxurious but sustainable as well. Your fur-baby will love snuggling up near the fireplace on their bed.


eco-friendly pet beds


Still stumped? Here are some gifts you don’t need to leave the house for:


DIY Gifts

If you’re really in a scramble because shipping deadlines are fast approaching, homemade gifts are always a fun option for last minute eco-friendly presents! Before you knock this option because you’re not crafty or artsy, there are plenty of simple DIY gifts that will still knock the receiver’s socks off.

For the coffee drinker in your life, check out this 5 minute gold painted mug DIY. Want something a bit more personal? Create your very own “Guess Who” game with people you both know!



We know, we know. Regifting? Ick! But hear us out. 2020 is the year to normalize regifting. There are plenty of things we’ve received in the past that just weren’t for us, but we know they’d be perfect for your boyfriend’s little sister.

Why put more strain on the environment by buying something new, when you have something great at home. You can even add to the present, like writing a special note inside a used book you loved, or putting several gifts together in a gift basket. Just remember not to re-gift to whoever originally gave it to you!

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