5 Eco-Friendly Science Projects To Do With Your Kids

5 Eco-Friendly Science Projects To Do With Your Kids

Everybody knows the road to sustainable living isn’t easy when there’s so many wasteful products and choices. It’s made even harder if you have to convince your family and friends to join you. Many of them would be reluctant to change their convenient, wasteful lifestyles.

Don’t fret, there’s light at the end of the tunnel in your bid to create a sustainable home — it’s your kids. Children are mostly easy to persuade because they aren’t yet stuck in their ways and they love learning new things.

Read further to learn about some of the best environmentally friendly activities and experiments to do at home with your kids.


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Environmentally Friendly Projects for Kids

As a parent, you know kids learn things best when they are entertained. Therefore, any eco-friendly activities or science experiments you want them to do has to be both fun and informative.

Luckily, you don’t have to go searching the web for hours trying to find the best and most sustainable ones.


Create a Garden

If you have some space in your yard that isn’t in use, get your hands dirty and start a garden with your child. A garden is undoubtedly one of the best ways to plant the seeds of sustainability into your child’s future.


create a garden


Plus, it’s one of the best eco-friendly projects that make a difference to the world. A substantial garden with various fruits and vegetables leads to a reduced carbon footprint from the transportation and packaging of food.

However, make sure you don’t abandon the garden as that could contribute to more greenhouse gas emissions than if you had never started.


Create your own Solar Oven

This fun experiment is a great way to teach your kids about reusing and recycling. It’s also excellent at showing them the power of solar energy and how they can use it in the future. Not to mention, the kids will love the tasty S’mores they make.

You’ll need a pizza box, scissors, a marker, a ruler, plastic wrap, tape, aluminum foil, and black construction paper. And obviously, the ingredients for the delicious treat!

Your child can view all the instructions and learn how solar power works using this fun video.


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Create a Pollution Catcher

Explaining air pollution to a child can be really hard because they often can’t physically see it. This simple environmental science experiment makes that a problem of the past, plus it actually helps the environment.

This crafty project only needs a paper plate, string and petroleum jelly to get underway. Punch two holes on the plate and put the string through them and tie a knot afterward. Then let their creativity loose by allowing them to draw whatever they like on one side of the plate. On the other side, apply petroleum jelly then hang the whole thing on a tree or outside a window for a week or two.

After that time, check the results to find air pollutants and watch your child’s face light up in astonishment. This represents one the best science projects to do at home.


Create a Newspaper Fort or Tent

Building a traditional blanket and pillow fort has long been a fun family activity enjoyed by adults and kids alike. Now, you can make the experience sustainable by recycling old newspapers and using it in place of blankets to build a tent or fort.


build a blanket fort


This simple crafty project just needs newspapers and tape. Allow your child’s imagination to run wild and let them create whatever structure they want to make. Find all the instructions in this short piece.


Create a Rubber Band Guitar

Before buying your kid that plastic guitar, make an eco-friendly one with them with things you probably already have in the house. It’s a great science project for kids because it provides ample amounts of fun for them – not for your ears though.

All you’ll need is an old tissue box, glue, rubber bands and two sticks or pencils. Place the two sticks or pencils on either side of the pull-out hole and then wrap the box in rubber bands.

Then let the fun begin by playing the guitar – try using different sized rubber bands by length and thickness to see how the sound changes. This sustainable, amazing science experiment teaches kids about sound and how it works.


Get started on Environmentally-Friendly Science Projects for Kids

Getting people to join you on your journey to an eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t always easy. Still, you can get your kids over to greener pastures using these fun and simple sustainability science projects.

The best part is that you can start engaging with them easily because most of the crafts above require resources you have laying around the house. They offer valuable lessons while keeping it fun, which is how most kids learn best.

While they won’t go green overnight, doing these science experiments at home with kids is a great start to discover whether you have the next Greta Thunberg on your hands.

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