How To Find The Perfect Fitted Sheets For Your Bed (And How To Fold It!)

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Did you know that the shape, fit, and material of your fitted sheets can impact more than just your quality of cat-naps? Many factors can affect your quality of sleep, including how you wind down before bed.

But if you’re finding yourself struggling to sleep, despite your best efforts at improving your daily bedtime routine, your bedding might just be to blame. Read on to learn more about the importance of a quality fitted sheet. As well as a bonus tutorial for folding these notorious covers quickly, easily, and neatly.


What is a Fitted Sheet?

Fitted sheets and flat sheets are designed to work together to protect your heavy bedding (such as a mattress or duvet) from accumulating dirt. As lighter bedding, fitted and flat sheets are easier to wash. This is why they double as luxurious sleeping layers and a bedding-buffer from sweat, dust, and bacteria.


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Fitted sheets only cover your mattress; they have corner seams and elasticated edges which hug your mattress and secure it in place. This prevents the sheet from moving around underneath you while you sleep.


How do Good Fitted Bed Sheets Help You Get Quality Sleep?

Lack of sleep can affect us in the long-term and prevents our brain and bodies from running at optimum levels. Ill-fitting bedding can interrupt your sleep, which prevents you from waking up feeling refreshed.

Aside from taking care of your mental and physical health, bedding is one of the best ways to invest in a good night’s sleep. Disgruntled sleep can often be corrected by adjusting your evening routine and sleeping environment. So if you’re serious about sleep, it’s worth choosing a bed linen that prioritizes bedding’s quality, cleanliness, and comfort.

However, if your sleeping routine (or lack thereof) starts to concern you, it’s always a good idea to visit your doctor.


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Choosing High-Quality Fabric

Thread count is often assumed to be the best indicator of linen quality and luxury. A thread count of 200 and higher is definitely going to feel cozier. Although it won’t help your sleep if you’re buying a synthetic material. Natural fibers are paramount to a healthy bed.

Synthetics trap heat, causing a number of sleep and health issues avoided by using organic cotton linen. This is why at Delilah Home, we only make bedding from 100% organic cotton and hemp textiles. We think it’s important to have the healthiest products for your home, as well as our shared planet.

Curious about our organic, eco-friendly range of bedding? Learn more about our organic cotton bed sheets and organic hemp bed sheets here!


Fitted Sheet: Only as Good as Its Fit

Having your flat sheet wrapping itself around you while you sleep isn’t conducive to quality shut-eye, either. So it’s no use buying a gorgeous set of hypoallergenic sheets that are too big to stay in place.

Fitted sheet sizes can sometimes vary between standard bed sizes, as can mattresses. So make sure to measure your bed to compare to the dimensions of your prospective sheets.


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How To Correctly Fold a Fitted Sheet

And now the part we’ve all been waiting for.

In order to keep your new sheets crisp, clean, and dust-free you need to know how to properly store your new sheets after washing. It’s easier than you might think, and can be broken down into three simple steps.


Step 1: Find Your Corner Seams

Each corner of your fitted sheet has a seam that runs from the top corner of your mattress to the bottom corner. Once you’ve identified your corners amongst the curling elastic, fold your sheet in half (lengthwise if you want to save space).

Once in half, tuck the bottom two corners into the top two corners so that they make corner pockets.


Step 2: Make a Rectangle

Now that you’ve created straight lines with your first folds, make sure the rounded elastic edges are facing you. With your hands in the corner pockets, fold the sheet in half again by bringing your hands together. Fold the pockets into each other like in the last step.

Now, fold your sheet into thirds until you get a long and even rectangle shape. Based on the size of your sheet, the number of folds here will vary. To ensure straight folded lines, straighten out any loose edges and finalize your little parcel.


Step 3: Final Folds

Now that you have a longer-than-wide rectangle, it’s time to tuck it up into its final shape. With the sheet laying on a flat surface, fold one of the sides (about a third of the sheet) into the middle. Then fold the other outer-third over that. Now you can step back and admire your beautifully folded fitted sheet.


Time to Ditch Cheap Fitted Sheets

Say goodbye to restless nights spent tossing, turning, and sweating. It’s time to take your health and wellness seriously - starting with your quality of sheets. Remember that organic natural textiles offer you the healthiest and most satisfying sleep experience by promoting air circulation, temperature regulation, and blissfully warm comfort.

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