A Green Valentine’s Day丨Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas 2022

A Green Valentine’s Day丨Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas 2022

Have you noticed the telltale signs? Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and glossy cards with sweet poems and bouquets of roses are starting to make an appearance. Believe it or not, February 14th is right around the corner!

And while for many people, Valentine’s Day represents showing gratitude for your loved ones, this holiday has a huge impact on the environment. From unsustainable gift wrap to cheaply made gifts that will likely get tossed by spring cleaning, V-day shows no love for planet earth. This year, instead of giving your special someone a present that’s harmful to the environment, consider some of these eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Not only are they unique, but many of these gifts will keep on giving long after this day of romance has passed.


Delilah Home Organic Cotton Bed Sheets

There’s nothing better than climbing into bed and feeling new, crisp sheets on your skin. Why not consider a unique Valentine’s gift and give your significant other a set of gorgeous organic cotton bed sheets?

The luxurious softness will guarantee a comfortable and fun time in bed this Valentine’s Day. Plus, your sweetheart will be happy to know that their gift is organic, eco-friendly and fair trade.


cotton bed sheets gift


Delectable Organic Valentine’s Chocolate

What is Valentine’s day without mouth-watering chocolates? If your better half has a sweet tooth, consider treating them to organic chocolates.

The organic chocolate market has boomed recently, so there are plenty of choices, but it’s always important to do your research before purchasing. Truly organic chocolate ensures that all ingredients used are guilt-free as well. Look for producers who also disclose their ethical employment practices.

The great thing about organic chocolates is that they won’t only taste good but will leave you feeling good. It also makes for a lovely valentine’s day gift for best friends.


ethical Valentine's gifts


Naturally Scented Massage Oil

Is there anything better than a nice Valentine’s day massage, after a long day? Having your partner ease the tension out of your muscles is not only relaxing but incredibly romantic. Incorporate this into your Valentine’s day plans by giving your loved one a bottle of naturally scented massage oil.

Try some Almond or Jojoba Oil for a wholesome, nutty smell. Or, if you’d like to stick to the theme on February the 14th, purchase a floral-scented massage oil such as lavender.

Of course, this green Valentine’s gift should come with a thorough demonstration of your skills. Make sure you choose organic, natural scents that don’t include Parfum or other toxins.


Plant Wildflower Seeds

This green Valentine’s Day gift is ideal for someone who loves being in nature. You can either buy individual seeds to make a pack or you can buy a pre-made mix. These often contain wildflowers such as milkweed and coneflower, which attract butterflies and promote pollination by bees.

The extra special thing about this eco-friendly gift is that you can plant the seeds together and then watch them grow until you can pick them yourself. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving, and the handpicked flowers will often last far longer than store-bought roses. Make sure you do some research on which flowers are native to your area so you don’t accidentally plant anything invasive.


best Valentines Day gifts


Pamper Your Loved One

Relaxation is good for the soul. Show your significant other how much they mean to you by giving them a pamper evening.

Start by drawing a luxurious bath, which you can make extra special by adding an eco-friendly bath bomb or bubble bath. Trade in the electric lights for the soft glow of naturally scented candles.

A green Valentine’s Day tip: make sure you have a soft, organic bath towel and some natural body butter waiting for your partner after their luxuriating bath.


Give a Houseplant

Want to know what’s better than getting a bunch of red roses that’ll end up wilting by the end of the week? An entire rose bush, of course.

This environmentally friendly gift idea has so many benefits. It’s good for the planet, takes in Carbon Dioxide, and with a little love and care, will continue to bloom long after Valentine’s Day.

If your better half doesn’t have much of a green thumb, consider gifting them with a potted succulent. These hardy plants require little to no effort and are a little reminder of your love to keep around the house.


thoughtful Valentines Day gifts


Learn A Skill Together

This thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift is perfect for someone whose love language revolves around quality time. You can improve your cooking skills, try out an improvised acting class or head to a sexy samba dance class - the possibilities are endless.

The great thing about this green gift is that you’ll create a wonderful shared memory. This will far outweigh any material possessions you could give each other on Valentine’s Day.


Make A Crafty Gift

Taking the time and effort to make something from the heart is a beautiful way to show someone you love them.

You could make something as simple as a handmade Valentine’s Day card. Or, you could get a little more creative and try your hand at painting, knit a pair of socks, or create a wooden frame from scratch.

If you’re not crafty, you can always head to your local artist and have a gift commissioned.


eco friendly towel gifts


Make It A Green Valentine’s Day This Year

Valentine’s day is so special. However, the typical gift and cards have become a cliche. Worse, they have a detrimental effect on the earth.

By choosing an eco-friendly valentine’s day gift, you’ll not only help the environment but also put a lot more thought and care into the item you choose. How could your partner not love that?

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