Fabulous Dog Rooms: How to Create a Space for Your Dog at Home

dog rooms in house

Dogs are so much more than pets, they are an integral part of our families and our homes. Now that many of us are spending so much time at home, dogs are no longer just our friends but also our new co-workers. And while midmorning cuddle breaks and afternoon pats are a bonus of working from home, sometimes it can get a little too cramped for both us and our pets. It’s no surprise that loving pet owners are now looking to find the perfect space in their home for their four-legged friends to give everyone a bit more breathing room.

As we work to create extra-cozy bedrooms for ourselves, why not do the same for our beloved four-legged friends?

There are a few things that make for the ideal dog space. You need to take into account where your dog spot is going to be and what exactly you’ll put there. Of course, you want to make it comfortable for your fur-baby!

Let’s take a look at how to get started.


Dog Room Ideas

From nooks built into the wall to full-sized rooms, there are so many dog bedroom ideas. Obviously having a whole room just for your dog is quite a luxury, but there is so much you can do with any size space you have available.

For small spaces, it’s important to be creative. Some pet parents have hollowed out their TV consoles or nightstands and installed a doggy bed. Others have created cozy corners for their furry friends.


dog area ideas


If you’re going full-out on a dog bedroom, then apart from the essentials, you could add some other furniture to store all your canine-related stuff. You’ll want a space for extra collars, leashes, and toys. You could also have a grooming area in the room. The ideas are truly endless for dog room decorating ideas. Heck, stylish pooches may even need a whole closet!


Dog Areas in the House: Where to Put Your Dog Room

While some people really do have a dog bedroom for their beloved companions, there are plenty of other options for providing your dog with a place of their own.

Dogs actually prefer smaller, enclosed spaces; these dog rooms remind them of the dens their species evolved from. This means that the potential locations of your canine companion’s own chill-out zone are almost endless.


dog area in house


Why not convert an unused laundry room or pantry into a dog den? Alternatively, you probably have a closet you could clear to make room for your four-legged friend.

If you don’t have a ready-made dog area in the house, you can still provide that enclosed feel they like with a few handy items. Setting up a playpen or cordoning off an entryway with a baby gate is a great idea.

Alternatively, you could purchase a crate. This is recommended for dogs with anxiety issues and is an essential tool when crate training.


Essentials for Dog Rooms in the House

Your furry friend spends about 50% of his day sleeping, so make sure he has a super-comfy place to lay his head. There’s nothing more important than investing in a high-quality dog bed. Our Ultra Plush Pillow Dog Bed comes in a pretty pink or a sleek grey.

Our pets deserve the best and that’s why we use organic cotton in the bed cover and recycled bottles for the filling. The bed is European-designed to be soft and breathable.


dog room ideas


To make your fur baby’s space homey, add some of his or her favorite things. Leave a few toys lying around, and always make sure that your pooch has access to fresh drinking water. Having a place to wee for puppies is also essential.

Above all, your dog room needs to be safe for your pet. So, how can you dog-proof a room?

It’s a lot like baby proofing and centers around removing items your dog can chew. Puppies, especially, will put their teeth to the test on just about anything, and there’s enough going on at home without all that to deal with!

Start by removing all cleaning products and food, or simply put them out of reach. Remember that what is safe for humans isn’t always safe for dogs.

Unfortunately, as veteran canine owners will know, the trash can is not out of bounds to your pet. Remove it from the dog area or invest in a dog-proof one. Use tape to keep electrical wiring safe, set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature, and you’re good to go.


how to dog proof a room


New Dog Area Ideas

Now more than ever, our homes are our oases, where we both work and play. That’s why it’s a great idea for pet owners to go about creating a space for their dogs at home.

With all the unconditional love they provide, our dogs deserve their own little castle to retreat to. When you make a comfortable, secure place for them to rest, they will return to the family relaxed and ready for yet another session of fetch!

Creating a space for your dog at home can be a fun way to flex your creativity muscles and give back to your best friend. Whether you plan to set up a crate or are dreaming of a full-sized bedroom, your pooch is sure to appreciate your efforts.

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