Organic Bath Towels: The Best Eco-Friendly Choice

organic bath towels

We all try hard to make our homes as safe and comfortable as possible for ourselves and our families. From the produce we put in the fridge to the toiletries in our bathroom cabinet, we try to make the smartest and most ethical consumer choices. But one household item often overlooked is our bath towels. 

We use them every day, but are we making the best choice for ourselves and the environment? You may be thinking that a towel is a towel, what’s the big deal? But choosing the right towel can have a big impact on your daily wellbeing and the planet. There are so many great reasons to switch to organic cotton bath towels. After all, we’re all just trying to do our part as global citizens. Here’s why you should make the switch:


Organic Cotton Towels are Better for the Environment

The environment is an on-going concern. Making better, more eco-conscious decisions when buying new products will make an impact on what kind of planet we’re leaving behind for the next generation.

Unfortunately, the textile industry causes 10% of global carbon emissions. Buying synthetic and non-organic bath towels is supporting this environmental atrocity. But how is buying organic any better? Organic textile production has been proven to cause between 48% and 66% fewer carbon emissions than its conventional counterparts.


organic better for environment


We can all agree that you may not change the world with one purchase. But if the textile industry starts to see a trend in buyers purchasing organic rather than conventional fabrics, more textile giants will make the switch to organic and sustainable textile development.

So in our own small way, we can change the world one organic towel purchase at a time.


Organic Towels Don’t Leave Harmful Toxins on Your Skin

Conventional cotton is treated with 10% of pesticides and almost 25% of the world’s insecticides. This means that of all the pesticides and insecticides used in the world, a large portion of them are used to treat conventional cotton. These are still present in the fabric when used as a towel. So, where do all these chemicals go when you use your bath towel? On to your skin. We know, cringe.

But pesticides aren’t the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to buying conventionally grown fabrics. Other toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process before being made into the product you use on a daily basis.


organic cotton towels


Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and toxic chemicals. This saves your skin from harmful exposure to unnecessary chemicals. And looking after our skin should be a priority, especially as we age.

After showering or bathing, the pores in our skin open up, allowing us to absorb chemicals more easily. So the products you use straight after washing are some of the most important. By using organic towels we can defend our skin against harmful chemicals.


Organic Bath Towels Feel Better

Organic bath towels can be made from a variety of different textiles, all providing a different texture and feel. But organic cotton is arguably the best kind. We all want something that will provide comfort, and will be a cozy feeling we look forward to after hopping out of the bath. So here’s what you can expect from organic cotton towels.


best organic cotton towels


Organic cotton can range in textures, depending on the brand that you buy. Our towels at Delilah Home are made of soft, but durable organic cotton. We’ve perfected our fabrics so they provide the right amount of texture for drying quickly with a buttery softness that makes them feel luxurious. Grab your set here: Delilah Home 100% Organic Bath Towels.


The Organic Cotton Towel is Hypo-Allergenic

Chemicals used in conventional textile production can cause the skin to itch, or even worse, trigger an allergic reaction. Some individuals also display allergic reactions to the actual fiber used to make the towel. We want to avoid this at all costs.

If you have an allergy, or simply sensitive skin, sticking to 100% organic cotton towels will avoid any kind of adverse reaction on the skin. This is because organic cotton is hypoallergenic.


eco towels


If you know someone who suffers from severe reactions to chemicals on their skin, then an organic cotton bath towel makes the perfect eco-friendly gift. Even their skin will thank you.


Switch to the Best Organic Bath Towels

Whether you’re making the switch for the future of our planet, your silky soft skin, or to calm any allergic reactions, choosing the best organic cotton towels is a must. Let your mind rest in peace when you hop out of the bath, knowing that your open pores won’t be the victims of harsh chemicals. They’re soft on your skin, soft on the environment, and soft to the touch; it’s time to make the switch!

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