Things to Do On a Snow Day | Fun Boredom Busters for Snowstorms

Things to Do On a Snow Day | Fun Boredom Busters for Snowstorms

Snow days can be anything but boring. The first snow carries a magical feel in the air, and as you peak through the windows, layers of snow create a fairytale environment.

While light snowfall is always a beautiful occasion, snowstorms require preparation to combat boredom. Preparing is the best way to ensure that you remain safe and entertained during a blizzard.


what to do when snowed in


Snow Day Thing to Do

Once you’ve got the heaters on and the pantry stocked up, you can move on to preparing for a day spent cuddling up with loved ones or treating yourself to some alone time. If you’re trapped indoors with the family, you can use some of these ideas on what to do when snowed in.


Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

It’s freezing, so of course, you want to keep yourself warm. There’s no better way to do so than by running a steaming bath. Transform your bathroom into a makeshift spa by lighting tea candles, playing soothing music, and burning some incense.

Gather up all the products you’ve got hidden in the cabinet and indulge in a body scrub or luxurious face mask. Once you’ve completely unwinded and warmed up, use your organic cotton towels to dry yourself and head to the lounge for a movie night.


organic cotton towels


Host At-Home Dinner Party

You know those dishes you’ve been dying to make but just don’t have 5 hours to spend cooking up a storm? Well, now you do. Grab that recipe book that’s been gathering dust and get the cooking utensils ready for a 3-course meal. You can’t go wrong with Nigella’s chocolate brownies.

Why not invite some friends to join the party, too? Zoom and Google Meet is a great way to round up a party. And if you’ve got kids, give them each a kitchen duty to make them feel involved.


what to do on a snow day for adults


Complete an Online Course or Spend the Day on Duo-Lingo

Now’s the perfect time to complete some courses you’ve been putting off. Udemy offers fantastic short courses that are informative and affordable. They can be done in your own time, so when the weather eventually clears up, you’ll have the chance to complete it at another time.

You can also learn a new language and develop a new skill. Duo-Lingo is a free app that allows you to learn dozens of languages from their mobile app.


Have a Movie Marathon

Movie marathons are great things to do on a snowy day because you never run out of options. Start by picking a genre. Are you in the mood for a horror movie night, the Harry Potter series, or a classic lineup of old movies?

Setting up for your movie marathon is also an activity in itself. Making a blanket fort is a crucial element of a magical at-home cinema experience. Collect your hemp sheets and construct the set-up next to the cozy fireplace or tucked away in the kid’s room.

Psst… Before nestling up in the blanket fort, set up a platter of your favorite snacks.


fun things to do on a snowy day inside


Try Out Eco-Friendly Science Projects

Wondering what to do on a snow day with kids to occupy their busy minds? Keeping them entertained isn’t just about putting them in front of the TV. Instead, use the snowy day as a chance to boost their science knowledge with these eco-friendly science projects. Most of the tasks can be done with bits and bobs found lying around the house.


Grab the Board Games

Board games generally range from two to six players. Whatever games you have laying around the house, you can get the whole household involved. Monopoly is an iconic board game that takes up to the entire day. Catan is also one of the best things to do on a snowy day inside.

If board games aren’t your style, puzzles are the perfect boredom busters. You can return to it throughout the day whenever you need a break from another activity.


what to do in a blizzard


Get Crafty

If there’s a predicted snowstorm coming your way, the best thing you can do to combat the boredom is to invest in art supplies. Even if you don’t have the skill, who’s watching? There are ample watercolor, acrylic, and scrapbooking tutorials online.

Embroidery and needlepoint skills can help stitch adorable designs on your kitchen towels or couch pillows.


Make Some Eggnog, Mulled Wine, or Spiced Cider

Although it’s not Christmas, brewing up a warm drink is a delicious way to stay toasty inside and out. An adult snow day couldn’t be better when you spend it sipping on gluhwein and perfecting a top-notch recipe.


things to do in the snow


Knowing What to Do On a Snowy Day

Knowing what to do on snow days can be a little unmotivating if you’ve already cleaned out the closet and rearranged your kitchen. However, these snow-inspired activities are the perfect way to get the brain juices flowing, the creativity rolling and the cooking started.

Being a little different from your classic things to do when snowed in, there’s no way of letting the boredom creep in with these at-home adventures.

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