Bedroom Essentials List: Necessities and Must-Haves for Your Space

bedroom essentials

Moving into a new home or planning a bedroom makeover? Consult this guide first so that you have everything you need for your bedroom.

Bedrooms are personal and unique spaces, so what you'll need will depend on your specific tastes and design style. But there are some essential items that every bedroom should have.

This list covers the basics and then some to give you a bedroom that is both comfortable and stylish. Take a look at the different things you need for your bedroom below.


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What Should I Buy First for My Bedroom?

The very first thing you should make sure you have for your bedroom is a good, comfortable bed. Your bed should be the focal point of the room, and everything else should be planned around it.

You can get bed sizes in single, double, queen, or king. Make sure to measure the dimensions of your room and choose a bed size that leaves enough space for other pieces of furniture and walking around comfortably.

There are different types of beds you can choose from, depending on your needs and the aesthetic of your bedroom:

  • Platform beds are low to the ground and simple in design. They work well with contemporary and minimalist styles.
  • Canopy beds have a four-poster frame that extends up around the bed, creating a canopy-like effect. They add a touch of luxury and can be used in any style room.
  • Storage beds have built-in storage drawers or shelves in the headboard or frame, which is great for small bedrooms or homes with limited storage space.


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    Bed Essentials

    Once you have your bed, the next priority is to get some quality bedding to go with it – sheets, blankets, a duvet, and pillows. The quality of your bedding material is important, as this can affect your sleep. Aim for organic cotton, which is gentle on the skin, or a natural fiber like linen. 

    Check out our range for all your organic bedding needs. And find out if your current set bedding could be making you allergic to your bed.


    Bedroom Basics

    After you've selected your bed, it's time to move on to other bedroom furniture essentials like dressers, nightstands, and mirrors. Here are a few things every bedroom needs.

    Sustainable tip: when you can, choose sustainable furniture to help make your bedroom and lifestyle more eco-friendly.


    A Bedside Table and Lamp

    This is essential for nighttime reading or simply keeping your alarm clock within reach. If you’re designing a bedroom for a couple, you should have a table and lamp on each side.


    A Dresser or Drawers

    This piece of furniture will be key for storing clothes, jewelry, and other personal items. You will find multiple types of drawers, in different sizes and colors.


    things you need for a bedroom


    A Headboard

    This is optional, but a headboard can add comfort and style to your bed. Certain bed styles might not need a headboard, so decide on your bed before you go shopping for one of these.


    A Full-Length Mirror

    This is handy for getting ready in the morning or checking out your outfit before heading out for the night.


    A Lounge Chair

    This is a great addition if you like to relax in your bedroom with a good book or movie. Stick a comfy single chair in a corner, or go the fun route and buy a beanbag instead.


    Storage Solutions

    No matter how big or small your bedroom is, you're going to need some storage solutions. This could be anything from a simple bedside table with a drawer to a large dresser or wardrobe.


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    Bedroom Necessities: Comforts

    Once you have the practical things you need in your bedroom, you can cozy it up with some additional items that will make it truly feel like your own. Here are some ideas:


    Soft Blankets and Throws

    Snuggling up can only be done properly with the right amount of fluffy, warm blankets. These can also be themed to your room's colors, or they can be used as a pop of color.


    Decorative Pillows

    In addition to the pillows that come with your bed, you might want to add some decorative pillows or a pillow for extra support.


    Rugs or Carpets

    Rugs can add comfort and style to any room. The great thing is that these come in various shapes and sizes, so you're bound to find the right one for your bedroom. Choose a rug that fits the overall aesthetic of your space.


    Curtains or Blinds

    Depending on your windows, you need to add some privacy to your bedroom - which is where curtains or blinds come in handy. These can also help with regulating the temperature in your room and blocking out light.


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    Bedroom Must-Haves: Decor

    Now that you have the essentials out of the way, it's time to focus on the fun part – decorating your bedroom! Here are some ideas to get you started:


    Storage Baskets

    These are great for storing extra pillows, blankets, or clothes. They can also be used as decoration in themselves.



    If you have the space, a small reading nook in your bedroom is sure to bring about a sense of peace and tranquility. But even in a small spot, a bookshelf (or TBR pile) is inviting and can be a lovely addition to your nighttime routine.


    Wall Art or Photos

    Hang some artwork or photos that you love. Some examples include:

    • Paintings or prints in your bedroom colors and theme
    • Posters of your favorite sayings
    • Photographs of friends and family


    Candles or Diffusers

    Create a warm and inviting ambiance with some soft lighting. Candles, string lights, or floor lamps are all great options. Diffusers are also a good choice if you want to avoid open flames in your bedroom. These can all add a pleasant smell to your room and create a relaxing atmosphere.


    A Plant or Two

    A touch of green can add life to your bedroom space. Choose a low-maintenance plant that thrives in low-light conditions for your bedside table or dresser. Or go the no-maintenance route and add in a fake plant - no one will judge you.


    Essential Bedroom Checklist Summary

    When looking for things to put in your bedroom, it's important to remember the main use of the space: sleep.

    Fit your bed first, and make sure you have top-quality bedding. Then start adding in your furniture, like bedside tables and storage. Following this, you can start adding in the fun stuff, like rugs, curtains, and plants.

    With this bedroom items checklist, you'll be sure to have all the essentials covered and can start enjoying your new space in no time.

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