Organic Cotton vs Satin Bed Sheets | Which is Better?

satin vs cotton sheets

Bed linen is a crucial contributor to having a great night's sleep. So choosing the proper sheet can affect the quality of sleep you get at night. Keep reading to weigh the benefits of satin sheets and compare them to the benefits of organic cotton bed sheets.


satin vs cotton sheets


Organic Cotton: What You Need To Know

Organic cotton is the result of growing cotton without any synthetic chemicals. In short, it means it's natural. It came from the 1980s as an attempt at ecological agriculture. 

Long-staple fibers made from organic cotton are an easy way to explain these sheets. So if you are in the process of going green at home, this is the obvious choice.


What We Love About Organic Cotton Sheets

The eco-friendly nature of organic cotton is one of the best materials for bed sheets. Organic living is beneficial for both you and the environment, and here's why.


Environmentally Amazing

One of the most important factors to why organic is better; it's much more environmentally friendly. Since it uses none of the unwanted chemicals and toxins, the sheets are sustainable, and sustainability is good.

Organic cotton is great for the soil since the ground remains fertile when zero chemicals interfere. And, it uses a lot less water to make when compared to other fabrics.

Another big reason organic farms are better is that the farming conditions are less polluted, giving the workers less to worry about.


cotton satin bed sheets


Health Advantages

It's safer for babies and young children since it’s gentle on their skins. Using organic cotton sheets is perfect for them since it's free from flame redundancy and other harsh chemicals, especially if your child has sensitive skin.



Organic cotton is also perfect for anyone with sensitive skin since it uses zero chemicals, making it more comfortable than regular cotton. Organ cotton textile is very breathable, meaning that the sheets will keep you dry where synthetic material leaves you sweaty and hot. 

Organic cotton sheets are excellent bed linen for the summer heat and winter cold. Firstly, it's a weatherproof fabric that traps air between the fibers, keeping you cool in summer. In winter, the same fibers are great for maintaining body heat. 



Lastly, organic cotton is solid. The tensile strength of these fabrics makes them very durable and will retain their shape quickly. Since there are no chemicals to weaken the fiber, your bedding will also last longer than others that use chemicals.


Delilah Home bed sheets


Are There Any Cons?

With all the praise, some cons come with using organic cotton. Environmentally it’s excellent, but what other factors need considering?



Compared to regular cotton and other fabrics, organic cotton’s yield is lower. Not only can it be lower, but it takes a lot more time before the crop is ready since it grows naturally.


Price Range

Although it lasts longer than other non-organic fabric sheets, it can be pricey to purchase. What contributes to the price is that it’s more labor-intensive and time-intensive because there are no chemicals to speed up the process. 


Satin Sheets Review

Satin fabric is a weave discovered in the 12th century, formerly known as Zayton. The weave is complex, and the arrangement is staggered with warp and weft threads. There are different materials used to make satin sheets. It can be a mixture of silk, nylon, and polyester. But there are cases where silk is the only material used.


pros and cons of satin sheets


Why Do People Choose Satin?

Satin sheets are very desirable to some. Factors like the style and the feel of it mostly come to mind. But other factors add to why they are good.


Feels Cooler

Satin sheets are often favored in the summer since they are so cool and light.


When Made From Silk

Silk-only satin sheets have a smooth surface that is very appealing to the eye. It’s also free of any chemicals. But most importantly, silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics, meaning it assists in avoiding any allergic reactions.


Why Don’t People Choose Satin?

So if they have a fanbase, what could we possibly have against satin sheets?


Environmental Issues

One of the biggest cons of satin is the polyester and nylon commonly used to make it. Polyester is one of the least sustainable materials that you get. Not only are most polyesters non-biodegradable, but it's derived from oil, which is a primary pollution source.

On the other end, nylon also makes the material harmful to the environment. No form of nylon is biodegradable, and tons of other harsh chemicals need to be used to produce the fabric. What makes the nylon in satin even worse is petroleum, one of the most brutal forms of energy.

Another significant factor about satin when made using polyester is that it releases various microplastics with every wash. And you should know that microplastic is very harmful to the environment, sea life and yourself when digested.


are satin bed sheets good


High Maintenance & Durability

Other than environmental reasons, satin sheets have other disadvantages. The first is that the sheets are high maintenance since they are easy to fray, can easily snag, and are very tricky to sew. 



Satin also has a considerable price. It's regularly viewed as a luxury item and priced as one. The fact that it is also harder to make than others adds an extra zero to your total.


Seasonal Sheets

Do satin sheets keep you cool? Yes, but this is dependent on the season. Many people prefer other sheets during colder seasons since satin doesn’t retain heat well.


Organic Cotton Vs. Satin Sheets

Are satin sheets good, or is organic cotton a better option? Since there are too many economic and environmental benefits in organic cotton’s favor, it’s the clear winner. Organic cotton has various pros that will benefit you and the environment you live in.


Final Thoughts on Satin & Organic Cotton

Although there could still be a new evolution of eco-friendly sheets, organic cotton now overthrows the toxic material used in satin sheets. And organic cotton offers peaceful sleep in any season and safeguards your environment simultaneously. 

If you are looking for other forms of sustainable bedding, check out the 100% organic hemp bedding.

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