Best Material for Bedsheets | 3 Dreamy Fabrics You’ll Love

Best Material for Bedsheets | 3 Dreamy Fabrics You’ll Love

From the luxurious feeling of crisp sheets to the delicate embrace of soft linen on a hot summer night, bedsheets are a fundamental part of your bed dressing.

While there are many fabrics to consider, eco-friendly fabrics are the way of the future. By mindfully selecting your bed sheet material, you’ll be able to sleep the night away by staying connected to the earth through natural fabrics.

By implementing organic materials into your home, you’ll be making a conscious decision to support our planet by transforming it into a green household. Unsure what is the best material for sheets? We’ll take a sneak peek into the wonderful world of sustainable fabrics to find your perfect fit and ensure a peaceful sleep.


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Organic Bed Sheet Materials | Why Does It Matter?

If we’ve learned anything about living in an earth-honoring way, it’s that organic matters. Organic materials often implement strategies to cultivate a bedding fabric that aligns with sustainability principles. This includes:

  • Buying sustainable and organic fabric often means a higher quality product than mass-produced synthetic materials, usually lasting longer.
  • Cotton is considered one of the most popular materials for bed sheets, but non-organic cotton is also considered one of the fabrics with the most chemicals in its production methods. Organic cotton, however, uses farming procedures that avoid pesticides that are harmful to plants and, more broadly, for humans.
  • Using natural and organic material means supporting production procedures that ensure you reduce your carbon footprint. For example, certified organic cotton generally uses significantly less fuel and water to produce.


Best Material for Sheets | For Bed & Beyond

Whether you're off to dreamland or building the ultimate blanket fort, bed sheets are an essential component to have in your household depot. While choosing these breezy bedding materials can be tricky, we’ll break down the top fabrics to consider:


Organic Cotton

As one of the top luxurious eco-friendly bedding materials, organic cotton is a popular choice. As mentioned above, this fabric abides by certified organic cotton or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) guidelines to differ from its harmful counterpart.

This material is breathable, making it the perfect pairing for those too hot to handle nights. It tends to be the least expensive fabric if you’re looking for greener textile options.

Organic cotton is also one of the easiest types of bedsheets to wash and maintain and is a durable yet soft-to-the-touch choice.

If you’re looking for the Bentley of bedding, this 100% Organic Cotton Bed Sheet Collection is the way to go. These quality sheets are not only GOTS certified but vegan certified as well. This top contender for the best bedding material is a must for any practicing eco-warriors with sensitive skin.

With a 300 thread count and mindful manufacturing methods, this material will have you drifting off to sleep in style.


organic hemp sheets



A natural eco-friendly alternative for a number of production industries, hemp is the crowning jewel of bed sheet fabrics. Hemp provides a thick yet absorbent material that is naturally antibacterial and unable to mold.

Hemp is also one of the best cooling and breathable material, so you’ll be able to say bye-bye to your nightly struggle of sweating. While hemp tends to be more on the pricier side, you’ll sleep soundly knowing you’re encapsulating your body in a chemical-free cocoon.

If you’re looking to stock up on this luxurious bed lining, this 100% Organic Hemp Bed Sheet Collection will be sure to tickle your earth-friendly fancy. This chic and lightweight fabric is a 180-gram thread count and GOTS certified product that will upgrade your linen closet to the next level.


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Flax Linen

A very versatile fabric that transitions beautifully from summer to winter, flax linen is a great bed sheet material if you’re looking for an absorbent and thermoregulating pick. While organic cotton is a fantastic option on a budget, flax linen uses less earth-harming production methods, such as in its water usage.

However, this terrific textile is a magnet for unwanted wrinkles, which makes it a bit harder to maintain and get the crisp and smooth bed sheet you desire. Flax linen tends to be more heavyweight and stronger than cotton, which generally means it will last longer.


Best Fabric for Bed Sheets | Things to Look Out For

While jumping on the eco-friendly textile train is an exciting and fulfilling experience, you should have a game plan before choosing a specific type of bed sheet. Here are a few tips and factors to consider before purchasing your sustainable sleeping material: 

  • Make sure you buy the appropriate size – Check your bedding size to ensure you’re picking up the correct fit. Returns and exchanges aren’t always applicable, so double check your measurements to guarantee a perfect match. 
  • Test materials first before purchase – If you’re trying out a new textile to sleep on, it is important to determine if you’re comfortable with the feel. These are increasingly applicable for natural fabrics as they can be slightly rough on the skin in the beginning. Be sure to purchase a small item in the material first, like a pillowcase, to determine if you enjoy the fabric on your skin for long periods.
  • Read the label – While many manufacturers advertise an eco-friendly product, you should always check the label to determine its blend. If the textile has synthetic materials within its content (such as spandex or nylon) it’s no longer considered organic.


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Final Thoughts on Best Fabric for Sheets

Your bed sheet materials can be considered the skin of your slumbering fortress and, much like your daily skin routine, using the correct products is key.

Whether you’re looking for breathability or moisture-absorbing properties, the material of your bedsheets can make or break your resting experience. From organic cotton to hemp bed sheets, natural textiles are the materials of the future to live (and sleep) in a better world.

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