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sustainable furniture

A green home is a happy home, from recycling initiatives to peppering your place with eco-friendly fabric trimmings. It not only causes a chink in the chain of earth-harming practices, but it also creates a foundation for the fruitful beginnings of leading a green lifestyle.

Looking for ways to write a love letter to nature by decorating your home with eco-friendly furniture? We’ll provide you with some innovative ideas to transform your space into a harmonious haven of environmental empowerment.


sustainable furniture


What is Ethical Furniture?

Sustainable and environmental furniture is all about crafting items that create no, or a minimum, impact on the beautiful environment that surrounds it. This includes prioritizing factors that respect the environment, such as:

  • Using recyclable, reclaimed, or non-toxic materials when creating products. This includes crafting furniture out of eco-friendly components, such as wood. Buying chemical-free products will also provide a safe and harmless space for your family to thrive.
  • Purchasing furniture from local artisans and crafters ensures you’re giving back to the community and reducing the carbon footprint of shipping and transporting products.
  • Supporting furniture companies that implement a variety of earth-friendly principles to minimize any negative impact on the planet. This includes using recyclable packaging and paying their workers a fair wage.


environmentally friendly furniture


Eco-friendly Furniture | How to Greenify Your Living Space

From picking out a new eco-friendly living room staple piece to upgrading your bedroom with an eco-glam edge by purchasing hemp bed sheets, redecorating can be barrels of fun. To take your living space to the next green level, take a look at a few ways to make your household a sanctuary of sustainability.


Go Thrifting

One person’s trash is another person's treasure. Going on the hunt for second-hand furniture is the perfect way to secure a new (to you) trendy piece that has a sense of history embedded within its fibers.

Whether you go to vintage stores or take a trip to your local markets, you’ll have a blast finding unique artifacts of history that might pull your room together in a unique way.

This furniture shopping method is also the ultimate way to test your DIY skills, as a few coats of paint have the potential of reviving any piece back to its glory days. While vintage furniture shopping is a fantastic adventure to embark on, here are some things to look out for:

  • Items with minor faults are the key to scoring a wonderful item without a hefty price tag by bargaining due to damage. Scratches and stains are easily fixed by sanding down or painting over your purchased item.
  • Measure your space where you’ll place the item beforehand to ensure you don’t purchase any white elephants. There is nothing worse than buying the perfect fixture and realizing it won’t fit into the room's feng shui.

Tip: Be sure to go to the various second-hand shops with a purpose and a list in hand.


eco-friendly furniture


Quality over Quantity

While furniture shopping can be a pricey affair, you should always aim to purchase products that will last instead of buying a cheap alternative. By having a continuous cycle of buying new items, you’ll inadvertently be supporting the harmful practice of unnecessary urban waste.

So, instead of following the masses by delving into the endless array of fashion fads, you can opt to buy an item you truly love that you can cherish for many years to come.

By buying items made out of biodegradable and sustainable material, you’ll be able to surround yourself with eco furniture that has purpose⁠—protecting the planet. Be sure to stay away from synthetic fibers within furniture, such as high contents of nylon and the recycling limitations of polyester.


Do Your Research

It might be tempting to dive headfirst into the wonderful world of furniture shopping, but you should always research the company you’re supporting before purchasing an item. Here are some key questions to ask yourself while looking at their website:

  • Do these sustainable furniture companies have any certifications or eco-labels to mark them as credible sources? This includes the Eco3Home label on household furnishings in the USA. 
  • Do they use ethically harvested materials to create their furniture? Or do they use chemically-infused finishing processes before shipment?
  • Is the company using recyclable materials in their products? 
  • Do these ethical furniture companies publicly advocate the importance of cruelty-free and organic products? By looking at their business ethics, you’ll gain a vital insight into their intentions as a company.
  • Do these items tend to be durable and last a long time from reading reviews?


ethical furniture


Donate Old Furniture

While stocking up on some new household decor beauties, why not spring clean your space by donating old furniture? By giving away your furniture, rather than simply chucking it in the trash, you’ll support a zero-waste system that keeps our planet from the hazardous properties of overflowing landfills.

Whether you lug your pre-owned furniture to the nearest charity shop or help a friend that needs to kit out a new pad, your donated items will emerge into a new phase of their life. If you can’t seem to let your weathered furnishing go, you can always take a trip to the hardware store to breathe new life into old and forgotten goods.


Go For Eco-friendly Material Compositions

While bright colors and elegant trimmings might be an exciting component when shopping, affordable and sustainable furniture material is where the fundamental importance lies. Keep a lookout for these items when shopping:

  • Ethically sourced sustainable wood furniture
  • A sturdy hemp material
  • Any recycled or repurposed fabrics 
  • Sustainably sourced furniture (ex. Organic cotton)


sustainably sourced furniture


Eco-friendly Furniture for a Green Home

Whether you implement sustainability into your safe haven for ecological or personal reasons, an earth-honoring home is great for connecting with nature. By sprinkling your sublime space with environmentally-friendly furniture, you’ll be able to create an inner refuge filled with products that promote a better world.

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