9 Rainy Day Activities for Cozy At-Home Fun

rainy day activities

Rainy days often drown out fun-filled outdoor plans. These grey days seem to stretch out endlessly and can leave you feeling like there’s nothing to do.

However, there are plenty of indoor activities that are just as much fun as outdoor. Whether you’re spending some one-on-one time with yourself or have some friends over, you’re bound to find the perfect rainy day activity here.


What To Do on a Rainy Day for Adults Who Are On Their Own

It’s easy to think you’ll get bored when you’re on your own but there are plenty of things to do during a rainy day at home. It’s one of the best times for you to have some quality time alone. 

Whether you’re planning a sleepy day in your pj’s or need to get things done, these rainy day activities can have you feeling both relaxed and productive.


fun indoor activities for adults


Movie Marathons in Bed

Feeling like a lazy rainy day? While going to the movies might be the mundane response, there’s nothing quite like watching a movie marathon in the comfort of your bed. Make yourself a hot cup of cocoa and curl up under Delilah Home’s soft, eco-friendly bed covers to watch some films.


Read a Book

Whether you’re into old-school paperbacks, Kindle’s, or Audiobooks, no one can deny that reading a good book is a perfect way to pass the time. Reading is also a fantastic way to keep yourself mentally stimulated and a great way to use your time productively. Pair this with a steaming cup of tea and you have yourself one of the best rainy day activities.


Get Organized and Get Planning

With a whole day ahead of you, a rainy day is a perfect opportunity to get your life in order. You can start by planning out the weeks and months ahead or start researching your next dream vacation destination. If it’s close to the holidays, you can even plan your Christmas shopping - it’s never too early to start browsing for some eco-friendly gifts.


things to do on a rainy day at home


Have a Personal Spa Day

People hardly ever get the chance to sit back, relax, and get pampered - so why not consider this indoor activity on a damp, grey day? You can easily mix your own body scrub by combining brown sugar with some oil and even essential oils (such as lavender).

Or, you can light some aromatic candles, turn down the lights and soak off in a hot bubble bath. Then, you can wrap yourself up in a plush, organic bath towel and lather yourself in body butter. This is one of the most underrated cheap indoor activities.


Break a Sweat

Heading out for a run or cycle is great, but you can easily work up a sweat indoors too. With Youtube, it’s super easy to find quick, at-home workouts that require no gym equipment. Carving out even 10 minutes for a quick workout can have awesome health benefits and the endorphins will leave you feeling fantastic.


Things to do on a Rainy Day with Family at Home

When you have fun plans with friends or family that go south because of the weather, you’re bound to feel upset. And thinking of fun indoor activities to do with your family can be a little tougher. 

But, with these inside activities, you’ll be entertained for hours.


fun things to do inside


Play a Board Game

When thinking of things to do on a rainy day with friends, dusting off the old board games is never a bad option. Whether it’s Monopoly or Cluedo, board games are a great way to relive your childhood.


Bake a Cake

Wondering what to do on a gloomy day? Consider getting your hands dirty with some baking. From choc-chip cookies to cupcakes and brownies, the possibilities are endless. And, you’ll have plenty of people to share the sweet treats with.


rainy day date ideas


Rainy Day Date Ideas

If the bad weather has put a damper on your amazing outdoor date, there’s no need to worry. Indoor dates can be just as fun and even more intimate. These two rainy day date ideas are bound to have you and your special someone having a blast.


Build a Fort

Bring out your inner child with this fun indoor activity. You’ll need your organic cotton sheets and comfy pillows for this date idea. Once your fort has been constructed, get some snacks and a laptop so you can set up a personal movie screening.


Cook a Meal

Getting to know each other over a glass of wine while cooking a delicious dinner is very romantic. This is not only an intimate way to get to know each other, but it’s a great way to make a special shared memory together.


what to do on a rainy day for adults

The thought of spending an entire rainy day indoors can be daunting. But, it’s a great time to relax and take some time out for yourself or even spend some quality time with others. With these 9 cozy at-home activities for a rainy day, you’re bound to enjoy your time indoors.

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