Eucalyptus vs Hemp Bedsheets | Which is Better?

Eucalyptus vs Hemp Bedsheets | Which is Better?

From making a soft cocoon for a movie watching session or simply drifting off to sleep in a luxurious slumber, bedsheets are a vital component for our bed's general comfort.

If you’re planning on purchasing a new set of sublime sheets, you can’t go wrong by picking organic material produced in an earth-honoring way. Who says saving the world can’t be done in your sleep?

By equipping yourself with sustainable bedsheets, you’ll be able to take one cozy step towards transforming your zen den into a green household. This includes bed lining made from earth-bound fabrics, such as harmless hemp and eucalyptus.

Unsure how to choose between these consciously cultivated bedsheet materials? We’ll give you a hand by picking your soft sheets, weighing the pros and cons, and determining which fabric better suits your hibernating needs.


eucalyptus bed sheets


Hemp Sheets – The Low Down

While Cannabis Sativa is known for rolling joints and helping joint pains with its CBD products, hemp textile is the wave to ride if you're looking for a breezy fabric. It's made from a natural fiber derived from the stems of this buzz-worthy plant.

This organic source is easy to grow and thrives quickly under the right conditions. The end product is a strong eco-friendly sheet that will last a lifetime of hot summers and cold winter nights.


Positives of Hemp Sheets

An earth-bound gem created to add a touch of natural splendor to your bedroom, this fabric is a wonderful way to also add sustainable glamor to your linen closet. Here are some benefits of hemp that will be sure to have you diving headfirst into the green wave:


Sticks Around & Breathable

Hemp is one of the most durable materials around, which makes it an excellent choice for all kinds of activities (did someone say blanket fort?).

While many fast fashion fabrics are known to break and wear down after multiple washes, hemp products are made for being passed down from generation to generation. A hemp sheet is also very breathable, so you can tackle those summer nights head-on.


organic hemp bedding


Uses Less Natural Resources Than Other Fabrics 

With cotton being one of the biggest water footprints in textile production, organic hemp bedding uses significantly less water to produce products. The growth of this budding plant also usually has a lot of organic material to work within a smaller amount of space.



We often forget to consider when purchasing bedsheets the number of chemicals embedded within the fabrics due to its production procedures. 

These queen hemp bedsheets are not only 100% non-toxic chemical-free, but also sports a Global Organic Textile Standard certification to ensure a restful and safe sleep.


Negatives of Hemp Sheets

While the best hemp sheets around don’t have any concrete dealbreakers, you can check out these factors to ensure you know what kind of bed you’re getting into:


Usually Only Comes in Natural Colors

From beige to light green, the shades of organic hemp sheets don’t have a vibrant rainbow of colorful choices.

This is mainly due to the hemp industry opting out of using damaging dyes and bleach processes. You’ll be thrown into the magical world of minimalism by using neutral tones as an added accent to your bedroom color scheme.


hemp bed sheets


Harder Care Requirements

As mentioned, hemp does not use chemicals to ensure a wrinkle-free feature. So, you’ll experience that this type of bedsheet is bound to crease.

You might also be thinking, ‘are hemp sheets soft?’ While it might be a bit rough during its first use, this organic material is known to get softer after each wash.


Eucalyptus Bedsheets – The Low Down

A component known for its association with the adorable koala bear, eucalyptus is a star on the rise in eco-friendly textiles. The fabric is constructed from an element known as Tencel Lyocell (the pulpy debris from Eucalyptus trees).

This textile also uses fewer resources, such as water and energy, to produce products and does not add any toxic chemicals to its processes.


eucalyptus bed sheets


Positives of Eucalyptus Sheets

A tree-based natural sheet that exudes earthy goodness, eucalyptus has an array of good qualities to note:


Naturally Hypoallergenic

A Godsend for all sensitive skin sisters (and brothers), eucalyptus will have you sleeping the night away without worrying if it will agitate your skin or sinuses. The soft fabric also eliminates uncomfortable friction you might feel if you’re prone to tossing and turning.


Perfect For All Seasons

If you’re known to run hot at night, this breathable fabric might be for you. A moisture-wicking fabric that is sure to cast away those sweaty summer nights, eucalyptus will have you cooler than a cucumber.

During winter, eucalyptus sheet buyers will benefit from a temperature regulating fabric, which means it will also keep you toasty when those frosty nights hit.



Synthetic materials often use these harmful ingredients to make textiles more aesthetically pleasing and improve their functionality, such as a wrinkle-free feature.

While toxic chemicals are usually filtered out to the point of becoming safe to use, studies suggest that these ingredients can linger and possibly affect your health over time.

Eucalyptus has the benefit of being chemical-free if a closed loop production system is used, which makes this a perfect option if you’re worried about your wellbeing.


bed sheets made from eucalyptus


Negatives of Eucalyptus Sheets

Every story has its unfortunate obstacles, so be sure to ponder its downfalls before you make a decision:



Unfortunately, this sustainably-sourced product can have a hefty price tag. While it’s well worth the investment, this can be quite a significant factor to consider.


Wood Sourcing Concerns

Viscose rayon, made from eucalyptus pulp, has been linked to claims of deforestation to produce this seemingly eco-friendly fabric.

While many companies use an ethical means to gather resources, doubt looms. Be sure to do some research on their manufacturing methods to ensure you’re purchasing an environmentally ethical product.


The Breakdown: Winner

While both textiles have their benefits, the winner is: hemp bedsheets. It’s breathable and chemical-free and incorporates the healing properties of hemp in a unique way.

From its earth-friendly composition to its ethical sourcing, this sustainable fabric is the way to go if you’re looking for a material that harnesses the power of earth materials sustainably.


Final Thoughts on Eucalyptus & Hemp Bedding

While Egyptian cotton and silk can be seen as superior sheets for their high thread count and higher price tags, organic materials are the new trend to get behind.

Natural fabrics allow us to live in harmony with the earth, from saving water through its production processes to crafting materials that are not harmful to live organisms.

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