How to Go Green at Home | 5 Easy Eco-friendly Habits

how to go green at home

2022 is the year of changing for the better. Why? Because if you could hold your head above the water of the trials and errors of 2021, you can do anything you put your mind to.

If going green has been at the top of your yearly New Year's resolution list, 2022 is the time to delve into some sustainability trends. Home is where the heart is, which makes starting at your inner sanctum the perfect place to become the eco-warrior you always wanted to be.

Unsure how to turn your space into a gorgeous going green home? We’ll guide you through a few tips and tricks on transforming your home into an earth-honoring haven with various going green ideas.


how to go green at home


How to Be a Green Household | Tips & Tricks

It might be a bit intimidating to embark on the road of greener pastures, but starting small is key. Take a look at some suggestions for enhancing your living space for the better and learning some green habits.


Change Your Grocery Shopping Habits

Amongst having an eco-friendly kitchen, taking a hard look at your grocery shopping habits is a fundamental way to cut down on earth-harming practices. Your method of purchasing products could need some TLC, such as using plastic shopping bags. Here are some things to consider next time you head to the shops:

  • Use reusable shopping bags – Plastic is a no-go when it comes to striving to live for a better tomorrow. Take a few bags, such as material or net totes, to ensure you can carry your purchases with ease.
  • Minimize your meat consumption – Meat production is a massive contributor to climate change. Try reducing meat in your shopping basket to promote not only a healthier lifestyle but also a sustainable one.
  • Purchase local produce – While the packages make the products look oh so tempting, shopping at places that encourage less packaging material is a great way to cut down on plastic use. Also, you’ll be supporting your community, so that’s a win-win.


easy ways to go green


Become a Plant Parent

Gardening is said to be an excellent stress reliever, but planting various earth-bound greenery is beneficial for the planet too. By cleaning the air and giving a helping hand to local birds and insects, plants are a necessity for regulating the areas that surround us.

The benefits include saving money and reducing the harmful effects of produce transport services if you choose to grow your own food. A bonus is watching something flourish that you have cultivated with your own hands. Getting your hands dirty is one of the most fun going green projects to try.


eco friendly ideas for home


Start Recycling

While it might be the most repeated principle of living a greener lifestyle at home, it is an easy way to go green. Turning your home into a recycle-friendly space is a spectacular way to ensure your household’s waste is thrown away correctly. It might seem like an easy task, but some general rules of recycling should be accounted for to make sure you’re doing it correctly:

  • Create a space in your home for recyclables – The most straightforward way to get your family on board is to make recycling a no-hassle process. Recycling can be an easy adjustment by allocating an area with three separate bins (plastic, paper, and glass).
  • Rinse your recyclables before placing them in the trash to reduce any unappetizing odors coming from the bins.
  • Unsure what can be recycled? Look for various recycling symbols on product labels to better understand how you can dispose of these items using the correct procedures.


go green ideas for home


Use Environmentally-friendly Fabrics in Your House

From the clothes on our backs to the rags we use to wipe away dust, the chosen materials are an integral part of creating a green home. By being conscious of the fabrics and textures we purchase, our habits can be improved by incorporating a sense of awareness.

This is not to say we recommend throwing out your current clothing or products. Instead, make a conscious decision to purchase more natural fabrics in the future. Longer-lasting fabrics and earth-conscious materials are the way of the future and are a great way to go green at home. Sustainably sourced textiles can be made from ethical materials, such as hemp and organic cotton.

This is also the perfect opportunity to add a pair of luxurious hemp bed sheets to your birthday wishlist. Who doesn’t love sleeping soundly in sheets made out of the wondrous materials nature provides?


organic hemp sheets for green home


Implement Water Saving Practices

One of the world's top commodities and primary liquid life source is H2O. UNICEF has theorized that an estimated 50% of the world’s population is likely to live in a water-scarce environment by the year 2025.

Thus, the importance of treating every drop of water with care has never been more vital. While some tricks might seem obvious, such as turning off a running tap while brushing your teeth, others can take some time getting used to.

These include:

  • Opting for a limited shower time – While your self-care routine might include a long and luxurious shower, this practice is unfortunately not very earth-friendly. You can also purchase water-saving showerheads.
  • Placing rain barrels outside – Is it pouring outside? You can place water-catching items outside, such as rain barrels or buckets, to store the rainwater. This can be used to water outdoor and indoor plants without using other sources.  
  • Optimizing your dishwasher and washing machine cycles – Let’s be honest, you don’t need to use your washing machine every time you need a fresh pair of socks. Be sure to fill the various devices to the brim before plugging in those bad boys.


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Ready to Become an Eco-friendly Home?

Whether you brave the ebbs and flows of plant parenthood or skip a serving or two of bacon, no change is too small to make a difference. By implementing ways to go green at home in your safe space, your household will be a walking thank-you card to all that the earth provides for us.

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