5 Sustainable Laundry Ideas | Your Guide to a Greener Cycle

green laundry room

The soft smell of fresh linen, crisp sheets and a sense of accomplishment from tackling its intricate folds – no one can escape the joy and dread of laundry day.

Whether you have a washing machine or prefer the local camaraderie of a nearby laundromat, this necessary practice is a fundamental part of any household chore list.


green laundry room


From gallons of water to earth-harming chemicals, hassle-free laundry methods take our planet to the cleaners regarding its natural resources. Thankfully you don’t have to leave a carbon footprint on the fabric of our planet’s wellbeing by implementing sustainable habits that are an essential part of a greener household.

Are you wondering how to clean up your typical laundry day routine? We’ll take you through some of the general concerns and tips to transform your washing practice into a method of mindful laundering.


Earth-Friendly Laundry – FAQ

Before becoming eco-friendly, laundry questions about planet-positive practices is an excellent first step. Take a look at the below queries to embark on your journey of awareness:


is powdered laundry detergent better for the environment


Is Powdered Laundry Detergent Better For the Environment?

Unfortunately, just washing our clothing, in general, is considered bad for the environment. So, whether you use a powdered or liquid detergent, it will ultimately contribute to a polluted planet.

While many detergents are not considered ecologically beneficial, there are some properties and factors of cleaning products to look out for to minimize the effects. These include:

  • Packaging is made out of recycled or recyclable material, such as cardboard.
  • Cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable laundry detergent products.
  • Less synthetic fragrances, brighteners, and dyes are on the ingredient list.


sustainable laundry


    Are Laundry Pods Bad For the Environment?

    Laundry pods may be a convenient and simple way to improve your washing cycle, but these nuggets of high-concentrated chemicals are no friend to the planet. An abundance of the ingredients in these pods is not biodegradable.

    Many studies and publications have indicated that detergent pods expose large quantities of polyvinyl alcohol into our ecosystem. Therefore, this cleaning product can be considered a big contributor to plastic pollution.


    How to Have a Green Laundry Room

    While no one can escape the zen art of washing your clothing amongst other items, earth-friendly laundry habits are vital for a healthier planet.

    By changing and altering your usual ritual, you’ll be able to wash and fold your way to a better world for future generations. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to upgrade your laundry methods to treasure and protect the environment.


    eco friendly laundry


    Wash Your Items Strategically

    We all know the struggle well – why fold and pack away your discarded clothing of the day when you can chuck it in the laundry basket? However, a washing machine, through its seemingly countless spins and tumbles, uses large quantities of water and energy through every cycle.

    Instead of aimlessly adding items to your basket, be sure to ask yourself whether your clothes have an extra wear or two, such as jeans. Not only will you cut down on your water and electrical bill, but you’ll also be able to lessen synthetic fibers getting into the water system through your washed items.

    Tip: If you’re on the hunt for a new machine, you should consider buying an eco-friendly washing machine to help out the environment.


    Say No to Dry Cleaning

    The exclusive label of ‘dry clean only’ might seem like a luxury staple, but dry cleaning is actually very harmful to the environment. While it might save water by using an abundance of chemical solvents to escape the hustle and bustle of a washing machine, dry cleaning fluid is very toxic.

    Not only does its processes cause air pollution, but you’ll also be wearing your freshly cleaned garments with unknown harmful chemicals embedded within its fibers.

    So, what can be done? Individuals can often opt to hand wash items with an eco-friendly detergent to protect the quality of delicate fabrics. If this is not a feasible option, you can always check for dry cleaners in your neighborhood that use sustainable detergents.


    best laundry tips for the environment


    Upgrade Your Washing Machine Routine

    There are certain milestones people complete that make them feel like they have become full-fledged adults. For some, it's getting their driver's license, while for others, it is learning to use the washing machine correctly.

    While it might seem like you have your routine down to a tee, green laundry habit tricks are the way to become one with the earth through a killer eco-friendly laundry routine. These practices include: 

    • Use cold water to wash, accompanied with an appropriate specialized detergent for your clothing to save energy. 
    • Only switch on your washing machine when it’s filled with various items that need some well-needed TLC.
    • Incorporating an eco-friendly fabric softener and detergent in your routine. This will not only be less polluting, but generally, more natural-based products are better for allergy-prone individuals.


    Stick to Low Maintenance Fabrics for Future Purchases

    This might not technically be a method to add to your laundry ritual, but making a mental note to prioritize easily washable fabrics is a must. By checking the label before making your purchase, you’ll be able to see the requirements needed to maintain the item.

    Choose durable materials that are relatively hassle-free to wash. For an added eco-friendly flair, you can search for sustainable items, such as organic cotton to increase your repertoire of living sustainably.


    Change up Your Drying Methods

    While hot days usually call for beach trips and cold beverages, these sun-drenched periods are the perfect opportunity to use a natural dryer. By placing your clothing on a line outside, you’ll slice a hefty chunk out of your electrical bill by reducing energy usage from the tumble dryer.

    If you’re transitioning to colder and wetter days, be sure to purchase a drying rack or strategically use your dryer as sparingly as possible.


    Final Thoughts on Green Laundry Methods

    By implementing mindful measures to transform your laundry habits into sustainable ones, you are paving the way to ecological healing. Through the use of eco-friendly laundry habits, the earth's natural cycles and water sources become restored bit by bit.

    It might seem like a small and slow procedure, but you’ll be able to enjoy the intoxicating scent of freshly laundered clothing more by knowing you’re making a difference.

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